Witztum 50 Jubilee Tourney C 2.9.2002

To celebrate the 50th birthday of Menachem Witztum (born Israel, 2.9.1952) a composing tourney is announced.

Helpmates in 2 (h#2) are required with the following theme:

In the final position the Black King, standing on square x, is threatened from square y by a line piece A (A = Q or R or B). A double check on the mating move is not allowed.
In the initial position, a Black unit and a White unit (any units, including Pawns) are situated on the interval between squares x and y, while the Black King and the line piece A are standing on squares that are different from x and y respectively (their final squares).
Zeroposition settings are not allowed.

Judge: Menachem Witztum.


Closing date: 2nd of September 2002 (2.9.2002)

Entries should be sent to adress

Emanuel Navon
Arlozorov 108
IL-58384 HOLON

or by e-mail to e_navon@inter.net.il.

See example below.

Menachem Witztum
Example for Witztum 50 JT

a) 1. Kf3-g4 Bb5-d7 2. Rf5-f3 Se6-f4# (x=g4, y=d7)

b) 1. Re4-b4 Se6-d4+ 2. Kf3-e3 Rg7-e7# (x=e3, y=e7)

h#2 (8+6)
b) f5 -» e4

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