1st TT of The Ural Problemist C 1.5.2002

Selfmates in n moves with n between 2 and 6 (s#2-6) are required with duplex.

Judge: Alexander Azhusin.

Closing date: 1st of May 2002 (1.5.2002).

Entries should be sent to adress:

ul. Silikatnaja 2/21, kv. 3
Alexander Azhusin.

See examples below.

Tomislav Petrovic
Kings & Pawns 1996

1.d5! a6 2.a3 a5 3.a4 g4#

1.d5! a3 2.a6 a4 3.a5 g4#

Tempo fight.

s#3 (6+6)

Wolfgang Pauly
National Zeitung Basel 1921

1.Qf4+! Kxg6 2.Qxf6+ Kh5+ 3.Qf5+ Bxf5#

1.Qd4+! Kxc2 2.Qa4+ Kd3 3.Qc4+ Kxc4#

Asymmetry. The first moves are symmetrical, but the rest isn't. Royal battery creation.

s#3 (8+8)

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