Announcement of Jozef Taraba Memorial Tourney

Jozef Taraba was talented Slovak composer, tragically died this year. He was mostly known for his twomovers with complicated and exciting motivation. That's why...

Club of Chess Composition Friends "Pongrácz" and redaction of column Mat-64 - Sachove Skladby announced formal competition for original chess compositions.

Authors are asked to send their orthodox twomovers (#2) in 2 copies, giving name and adress of author and full solution, to the following adress:

Ladislav Salai jr.
Kernova 6
036 01 MARTIN

Closing date: 27.01.2001 - first anniversary of J. Taraba's death.
Judge Juraj Brabec will award 3 prizes and other distinctions according to number and quality of entries.

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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