Selection from award of Suomen Tehtäväniekat 1996 - h#3

Judged by Unto Heinonen. 2 Prizes, 2 HMs, 3 Mentions.

Comments here by JL.
Jorge Marcelo Kapros
Jorge Joaquin Lois

1st Prize Suomen Tehtäväniekat 1996

1.dxc6 Rc4 2.cxd5 Rc7 3.d4 Rh7#

1.exd5 cxd7 2.dxe4 d8Q 3.e3 Qh4#

1.Bxe4 Rxa5 2.Bxc6 Rxa8 3.Bb5 Rh8#

General strategy in all 2 solutions is the same: white runs for mate on h-file using the pin of Sg2 by unit that originally obstructed b7-h1 line. As it is done in 3 solutions, there are 3 white units on mentioned line in diagram position. 2 of them are captured in each solution by black. Cyclically (of course). Very well done. It is not hard to tame capturing black pawns, but moving bishop is controlled very skillfully. Also note strong white material and black King in the corner what could have resulted in heap of cooks. Authors removed them in a very experienced manner.

h#3 (11+11)

Toma Garai
2nd Prize Suomen Tehtäväniekat 1996

1.Kxc4 Sc5 2.Kb5 Sxa6 3.Kxa6 Sc7#

1.Kxe4 Be2 2.Kf5 Bxg4+ 3.Kxg4 Se3#

This time black King walks to the mating square consuming white pieces on his journey. Last remaining white knight from d5 sets model mate in both solutions. Great construction.

h#3 (6+8)

Jevgenij Fomichev
1st HM Suomen Tehtäväniekat 1996

1.Qd6 Bxg7 2.Ke6 Se5 3.Sd3 Sd4#

1.Se8 Bh8 2.Qf8 Sd4 3.Sc2 Se5#

White must activate every available reserves to mate Black. This needs also anticritical move by Bishop leaving a1 who doesn't want to be interfered by unleashed knights. First moves freely, second is indirectly unpinned by Umnov move. Well done, again with model mates.

h#3 (4+9)

Jorma Paavilainen
Mention Suomen Tehtäväniekat 1996

a) 1.Rb6 Bf7+ 2.Kb5 Rg6 3.Ka6 Bc4#

b) 1.Bb3 Rc1+ 2.Kb4 Bd1 3.Ka4 Rc4#

Nice echo diagonal-orthogonal. Black first moves along future pin line, then walks to the mating square with King. White also prepares everything for pin model mate, but he can't be careless with regard to possible self-interference. Unexpected problems with space in this airy position.

h#3 (3+9)
b) b7 -» b5

Nikolaj Vasjucko
Mention Suomen Tehtäväniekat 1996

1.Rb3 Sxf5 2.Kxf5 Kxa2 3.Rg5 Sxh4#

1.Bb3 Sxh4 2.Kxh4 Kb2 3.Bg5 Sxf5#

Nice interplay between both sides. Black plays two Grimshaws, on first move allowing tempo move by white King, on third move removing threat from square from white Knight delivers mate. White in the meantime vacates square by sacrifice. Also the coordination of manoeuvres on queen's and king's flanks is not bad, it is done by role of Be6.

h#3 (4+14)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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