Originals from Springaren 91

After a very long time I had enough time to look at some originals and to solve. The December 2002 issue of Springaren arrived very late (during summer) and I looked at a few problems of two kinds: with very few units (and thus usually simpler for paper solving without the board) and those with interesting names above diagram promising interesting content.
Eric Huber
10261 Springaren 91, December 2002

1.Kb5 Ga4 2.Kc6 Gd7 3.Rd6 Ba4#

1.Rc5 Gc4 2.Rb5 Ba4 3.Rb4 Ga3#

Two very different model mates. I think about having more mating pictures with this material...

h#3 (4+2)
2+0 grasshopper

Mykola Kolesnik
Roman Zalokockyj

10249 Springaren 91, December 2002

1.Kd5 Kf3 2.Kc6 Ke4 3.Kb7 Kd5 4.Ka8 Kc6 5.Rb8 Sc7#

1.Kf4 Kg1 2.Kg3 Kf1 3.Kh2 Sc5 4.Kh1 Se4 5.Rh2 Sg3#

Very far echo - well, not exact, but echo in a wider sense of this word.

h#5 (2+3)

Fadil Abdurahmanovic
Mike Prcic

10248 Springaren 91, December 2002

Set play: 2.Sd8 exd8Q+ 3.Ke6 Qxa5 4.Ke7 Qxg5+ 5.Kf8 Qd8#

Real play: 1...e8R 2.Bh7 Rd8+ 3.Ke7 Rxd6 4.Kf8 Rxe6 5.Kg8 Re8#

Oh, cool idea! In the set play White mates by promoted Queen that makes round trip starting and ending on promotion square. However, in real play Queen promotion is ruled out as this would push black King too far and the mate would impossible despite higher number of moves at White's disposition. That's why White promotes to Rook and again makes roud trip startin and ending on (different) promotion square. Well done!

h#4,5* (2+12)

Ove Knutsson
10262 Springaren 91, December 2002

1.Rf1 Rf8 2.f5 Bxf5 3.b1S Bxe6 4.b2 Rxf1=

Model stalemate after 3 captures and with 1 pinned black piece. The precise first moves are here the most interesting, especially ambush move by white Rook.

h=4 (3+7)

Ove Knutsson
10263 Springaren 91, December 2002

1.Be3 Bd7 2.f4 Kg4 3.Bg1 Kf3 4.Bh2 Bh3+ 5.Kg1 Bg2=

Again model stalemate (unfortunately with uneconomical wpc4...) with immobilised black Bishop.

h=5 (4+5)

Ivan Brjuchanov
10255 Springaren 91, December 2002

1.Kb8! Ba7+ 2.Kxa7 Ra6+ 3.Kxa6 Bb5+ 4.Kxb5 c6+ 5.Kb4 c5+ 6.Ka3 Ra2#

Annihilation of 3 black pieces, but otherwise not very interesting.

s#6 (1+8)

Nicolae Chivu
10256 Springaren 91, December 2002

1...Kxc5 2.Bd2 Bxd2 3.Kxa3 Bh6 4.Bb3 Bc1#
1...Ke3 2.c6 Qd4 3.e6 Qh8 4.Bb2 Qxb2#

Less usual multivariation maximummer. In both variations only one of black pieces (B, Q) plays an active role, the variations are differentiated by black King move. In the first variation bK guards b4, in the second variation bK closes line of black Bishop and allows shorter Queen moves.

s#4 (7+5)

Alessandro Cuppini
10259 Springaren 91, December 2002

a) 1.SIb7! A zz
1...Ke6 a 2.SIb3# B
1...Ke4 b 2.Rxe5# C
(1...Kc4 2.SIb3#)

b) 1.SIb3! B zz
1...Ke6 a 2.Rxe5# C
1...Ke4 b 2.SIb7# A
(1...Kc6 2.SIb7#)

Already well known Kiss cycle (cycle of the key and two mates after the same defences. The keys in both position pin the black Knight, and furthermore the key in a) provides the flight c4. Another Cyclone theme, Djurasevic cycle, is shown using sirene in a #2 by Hubert Gockel.

#2 (12+5)
sirene b5
b) c6 -» c4

Christopher Jones
10237 Springaren 91, December 2002

1.c3 Sxd7 2.Qxd3 Sf6 3.Qxe4+ Rxe4#

1.Se5 Sxa6 2.Ba4 Sb4 3.Bxc2 Sxc2#

Good analogy of two solution: B1 opens black line and blocks, B2 and B3 aim to unblock the mating square by means of the capture of a white pawn. Of course (?), model mates, moreover there in reciprocal change of functions between bQ and bB and between two white pawns.

h#3 (5+8)

Sven Trommler
Franz Pachl

10271 Springaren 91, December 2002

a) 1.c4+ Sc5 2.Sd3+ Se6#

b) 1.Sd3+ Sb4 2.e5+ Sc2#

c) 1.e5+ Se7 2.c4+ Sf5#

Cycle of black moves with unusual motivation. There are 3 condensed kangaroo-lion batteries prepared on the diagonal line f8-a3. Black fires them in a cyclical manner, the first check always beeing parried by Umnov move of a white Knight, while the second check is parried by jumping away, Unfortunately, the mates aren't all models and also there is missing final antibattery guard in the Sc2#...

h#2 (5+9)
1+2 kangaroo lion
b) e8 -» f1
c) e8 -» g6

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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