Spisska Borovicka - 27th theme tourney C 8.8.2015

Peter Gvozdják announces his 27th thematical tourney Spisska Borovicka, competition for all kinds of original problems in 2 moves with antagonistic stipulation (#2, =2, s#2, r=2 etc...). Twins, more solutions, promoted pieces and also all kinds of fairy pieces and/or conditions are allowed.

The following theme is required:

At least one variation in which the variation mate is played on the same square as the threat mate.

(In the example below, thematic mates are shown in bold letters.)

Important: only computer-tested (C+) problems will be accepted.

The judge: Peter Gvozdják.

There are two ways of entering:
  1. You could send the entry by e-mail to Peter Gvozdják at peter.gvozdjak@gmail.com. In that case the entry should be received latest on July 30, 2015.
  2. You could also give your problems at Berne congress personally to Peter Gvozdják. In that case he should have received your entry before Thursday August 6th, 2015, 8.00 P.M.

(Tourney is open for anyone, prizes for congress participants only.)
Norman Macleod
Springaren 1984

1.Sb4! th. 2.Qxd5#
1...Qe6 2.Bxd5#
1...Qd6 2.Rdxd5#
1...Qc6 2.Rcxd5#

In the threat and all three variation the mate is given by Sb4 unparalyzed by capture of Sd5. Black defends against threat by preparing paralysis of Qd5 as then d1 would be a flight, however, three defences close black lines allowing other captures, with slightly varying effect. 1...Qe6 and 1...Qd6 have the same error - White can capture on d5 by Ba2/Rd1 without losing control of some squares, while 1...Qc6 allows move by Rc5.

#2 (6+10)

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