Spisska Borovicka - 17th theme tourney C 9.9.2005

Peter Gvozdják announces his 17th thematical tourney Spisska Borovicka, competition for all kinds of original problems in 2 moves (#2, =2, h#2, s#2, r=2 etc...) and showing one of the CYCLONE themes. In addition, at least two White or Black moves played on the same square are required. Twins, more solutions, promoted pieces and any fairy pieces and/or conditions are allowed.

The prizes & the judge: bottle & CYCLONE & other books & Peter Gvozdják.

There are two ways of entering:
  1. You may send the entry by e-mail to Peter Gvozdják at peter.gvozdjak@gmail.com. In that case the entry should be received latest on August 26th.
  2. You may also give your problems at Chalkidiki congress personally to Mr. Formánek. In that case he should receive your entry before Friday September 9th, 9.30 A.M.
This example is the No. 1225 in the book. More than 100 other examples in CYCLONE or newer in WinChloe, e.g. ID 82480.
Viktor Chepizhny
The Problemist 1969
No. 1225 in Cyclone

1...exd3 a, cxd3 b 2.Sc6# A, Se6# B

1.Se3? th. 2.Rd5#
1...exd3 a, cxd3 b 2.Se6# B, Sdf5# C, 1...c3!

1.Sc3! th. 2.Rd5#
1...exd3 a, cxd3 b 2.Sf5# C, Sc6# A

Rice cycle. Thematical black defences. The variations are changed mainly thanks to opening of lines through c4 and e4, but also thanks to flights there.

#2 (12+9)

Some other CCM examples

#2 by Marjan Kovacevic
shows Lacny cycle with two defences - by Q and S - on the same square and with original matrix
#2 in No Captures with fairy pieces by Juraj Lörinc
shows Lacny cycle with all mates by antibattery on the same square.
#2 with paralyzing units by Peter Gvozdják & Juraj Lörinc
shows Shedey cycle with two additional changes, 4 flights (including 2 castlings) and keys to the same square
#2 in Anticirce by Jacques Rotenberg & Christian Poisson & Michel Caillaud
shows complete Shedey cycle with tries to the same squares as some mates, just key units are cleared away by captures
#2 in Ultrapatrol chess with fairy pieces by Juraj Lörinc
shows complete 4-fold Shedey cycle with all defences on the same square and also 2 mates on the same square

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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