Extracts from award of SOVIK 50 JT

This award appeared in No. 22 of Pat a Mat, journal of good quality but very rare appearance, where I am accidentaly selfmates and fairies editor. I was attracted by Slovak jubilee tourneys and lastly I got some honour also for orthodox direct mate. But, as you can see, there is nothing highly original in it as I discovered later. Anyway, prizes are interesting.

Judged by Stefan Sovik (an outstanding Slovak composer).

Milan Velimirovic
1st Prize Sovik 50 C 31.12.1994

1...Sxa4, Sc4, Sd1 2.Sxa4, Kf2, Sc4,
1.Rc4! (zz) 1...Sa4, Sxc4, Sd1 2.Kf2, Sc4, Sxa4.

Judge: "Cyclic change of white continuations in complete block and very original scheme. Defences are unified by one black knight and make great harmony. The 4th variation with free change is also interesting. Construction is light, patterns aesthetic, interplay great. It is just another masterpiece from treasury of cyclic genres."

#3 (13+7)

Karol Mlynka
2nd Prize Sovik 50 C 31.12.1994

1.Se1? (zz), 1...Kb2, Kxb4 2.Rb1+, Rxb5+, 1...d3!
1.Rb1? th. 2.R1b3#, 1...Sc1, Sxb4 2.Sxc1, Sxb4, 1...Sc3!
1.Rxb5! (zz) 1...Sa4~, Sc5+ 2.Ra5+, bxc5.

Judge: "Very good modern composition of combined changes in 3 phases, free change is supplemented by 2 paradoxes. Construction, aesthetic definiteness and economy are great. The only disturbing element is alternation of threat and zugzwang."

#3 (7+8)

Jozef Havran
4th HM Sovik 50 C 31.12.1994

1...Rb6, Rb7 2.Re6, Re7,
1.Qg8! th. 2.Rd4, 1...Rb6, Rb7 2.Rd6, Rd7.

Judge: "Nice change in 2 variations in #3. Mechanism with flight and unified play of rooks guarantees originality sufficiently. Airy position, good economy, and harmony despite simple play make tasty complex."

#3 (9+10)

Juraj Lörinc
2nd Comm Sovik 50 C 31.12.1994

1.Kc2? th. Re1+, 1...Qxd4, Sxd4 2.Sg5+, Rxd4+, 1...Se2!,
1.Kd2! th. Re1+, 1...Qxd4, Sxd4 2.Rxd4+, Sg5+.

Judge: "Reciprocal change of Goumondy type (similar schemes were already worked out also three times in one diagram). The merit of this work is airiness of position and splendid distribution of pieces over whole board."

My personal remark is that this one is not very original and white queen plays rather miserable role...

#3 (10+8)

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