Solver's impressions 7

Feenschach is magazine aimed at fairy chess. It is well known. And it offers wealth of possibilities for solving. Solutions from issue No. 132 were due at the beginning of June and I managed to solve about 20 problems of 126 (!) offered originals. I leave helpmates for later, here are some pure fairies...
Hubert Gockel
7796 feenschach 132 - 1999

I saw Black has no move in initial position, but I wasn't able to find any #3 key and continuation. Thus I set the position into Popeye and I was left amazed by very interesting content.

1.Nc5! zz,
1...Qa2 2.g5! f6~ 3.h8B# (3.h8Q?)
1...Qc2 2.Rf1! f5 3.h8B# (3.h8Q?)
1...Qc4+ 2.Ke6! f5 3.h8B# (3.h8Q?)
1...Qb7+ 2.Nd7! f5 3.h8B# (3.h8Q?)
1...Qb4 2.Bd8! f5 3.h8B# (3.h8Q?)

  1. Key gives bQ 5 possible moves, of them 2 checks!
  2. Although the mate is the same in all variations, motivation leading to it isn't trivial - White makes pf6 move by various pieces (Ba5, Rc1, Kd5, Nc5, pg4).
  3. Unfortunately (found by Popeye too), nightrider is needed only in 1...Qb7+ variation for covering b3.
  4. Many Beamtenschach construction tricks used - well done!

#3 (9+11)
nightrider e6

Tode Ilievski
7808 feenschach 132 - 1999

a) 1.b5 2.Bxc4 ... 5.b1B ... 8.Bb8 Ba6#
b) 1.c5 ... 3.cxd3 ...5.d1R ... 8.Rb8 Rc3#

Nice analogy for such economical position - line clearance in form of reciprocal Zilahi isn't seen often.

ser-h#8 (3+3)
b) c4 -» e3

Peter Rössler
7783 feenschach 132 - 1999

1.f3 f5 2.Kf2 Kf7 3.Kg3 Qe8 4.Kh4 g5+ 5.Kh5 Kf6#

Peter Rössler did already better in this genre...

How runs the game with 1.f3 and 5...Kf6#? (16+16)

Arnold Beine
7803 feenschach 132 - 1999

1.g1B ... 3.Be5 Bb3#
1.gxh1Q ... 3.Qe5 Bb3#
1.gxf1R ... 3.Re5 Bb3#
1.d1S ... 3.Be5 Bb3#

Trivial AUW, uneconomical...

ser-h#3 (6+6)

Günter Glaß
7806 feenschach 132 - 1999

a) 1.Kd3 2.Kxd2 3.Kc3 4.Gb3 5.Kb2 6.Gb1 7.Ka1 Sc2#
b) 1.Kf5 2.Kg6 3.Gg7 ... 6.Kh8 7.Bg8 Gh6#

Opposite corner mates - at least models, but no deep strategy.

ser-h#7 (3+5)
1+1 grasshopper
b) -Sd4

Temur Tschchetiani
7825 feenschach 132 - 1999

1.cxb3 2.b2 3.b1N 4.Nd5 Kf2=
1.cxd3 2.d2 3.d1N 4.Nf2 Nb4=

Two nightrider promotion - content not worth so much material.

ser-h=4 (8+4)
nightrider h7

Gaspar J. Perrone
7817 feenschach 132 - 1999

1.d1B 2.Bc2 3.Bh7 4.Qa5 5.c5 Qxh7#
1.g1B 2.Be3 3.Bh6 4.Qd5 5.Qg2 Qxh6#

Well constructed.

ser-h#5 (2+7)

Gaspar J. Perrone
7818 feenschach 132 - 1999

1.Rf7 2.Re3 3.Qc1 4.Rc3 5.Re7 6.Rc5 Rxc1#
1.Re7 2.Rc5 3.Ba3 4.Rc3 5.Rf7 6.Re3 Rxa3#

Nice geometrical play, interplay of 3 rooks and D-O echoed model pin mates. Good result!

ser-h#6 (5+9)

Pavel Kamenik
7789 feenschach 132 - 1999

1.Kh8! f6 2.g8S! f5+ 3.Kh7 f4+ 4.Kh6 f3 5.Sxh2 Rxh2 6.Se7! Rh1 7.Sc6 Rh2 8.Sa5 Rh1 9.Sb3#

Very good constructional point lies in making knight's path to b3 unique - White mustn't cut bBs lines. Accurate timing. Despite no black counterplay interesting problem.

#9 (5+10)
Double minimummer

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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