Selections 6

Personally, I find short helpselfmates in 2 moves usually too short for showing interesting enough content. But there are some exceptions and perhaps it is worth looking at some possibilities. That is where the today's selection is coming from.
Ladislav Salai jr.
Emil Klemanic

12487 Sachova skladba 125/2014

1.Qxe2 Qd1 2.Qg4+ Qxg4#

1.Bxe3 Qc1 2.Bf4+ Qxf4#

1.d4 Rxc2 2.Bf2+ Rxf2#

1.c3 Rxd3 2.Qf3+ Rxf3#

Maybe we should use only OTF from the well known acronym HOTF. In this case it would be collated with HS for helpselfmate, to get HSOTF.

Enough of formalities, let's have a look on the real content here. In the first pair of solutions, White clears the way for direct mate by bQ, with exchanges of functions bR-bR and wB-wQ. In the second pair of solutions, bQ mates as a rear battery piece, with doublecheck, and exchanges of functions include additionally wP-wP.

In spite of somewhat static nature the play is respectable.

hs#2 (12+4)

Michel Caillaud
Gabriele Brunori
Vito Rallo

3431 Best Problems 74, IV 2015

1.Qa2 Qb3 2.g8R+ Qxg8(Rb3)#

1.Rea8 Qb8+ 2.e8B+ Qxe8(Bb8)#

If White managed to promote rook on g8 or bishop on e8, he can attract bQ there and his king or knights can be unable to capture bQ due to PWC rebirths. But there are some pieces preventing this scenario: Qg8 and Re8. They have to move far enough, to allow interception by capture on g8/e8.

hs#2 (9+2)

Franz Pachl
HM 4th TT Maroc Echecs 2014

a) 1.Sa5 Bxa5 2.Rxd7(Sc5)+ Bxd7(Sc6)#

b) 1.Sg2 hxg2 2.Bxf6(Se4)+ Rxf6(Sf5)#

Obviously, White is unable to force checkmate by direct check from Black. But thanks to the Circe Parrain condition, by capture on W1 it is possible to force rebirth of bS on c6 and f5.

Note however quite weak economy...

hs#2 (6+10)
Circe Parrain
b) b5 -» b4

Juraj Lörinc
Lubos Kekely

Special Prize A. Petkov 100 MT C 1.10.2014

1.c6 Qg6 2.Qxg5+ Qxg5#

1.Qb8 Rg2 2.Qxg3+ Rxg3#

1.Qf1 Rh2 2.Qxh3+ Rxh3#

1.Qe8 Qh7 2.Qxh5+ Qxh5#

1.Qd7 Qe4 2.Qxg4+ Qxg4#

Capture of any pawn near Kh4 forces Black to re-block the square in question. To set up this checkmate, black piece has to move along the line leading to the crucial square they have to guard - Rd2 guards c2, Qc2 guards b1. B2 moves then abandon this guard. Analogy of 5 phases is OK, moreover, the authors have put considerable effort into avoiding the symmetrical impression.

hs#2 (4+10)

Pierre Tritten
Shachmatnaja Kompozicia 2014

1.Bh3 Rf3 2.Sf2+ ROxf2#

1.Qa1 ROf2 2.Bf3+ Rxf3#

Black moves are exchanged and both mates are doublechecks. To attain this aim, White has always to pin one of pieces Rf3/Sg1 and wB takes care of g2.

Note that Se4 has no role in the second solution, though.

hs#2 (5+6)
rose f6

Atsuo Hara
Problem Paradise 2015

1.Qxb1 Ra2 2.Qe1+ Bxe1#

1.Qxc2 Bb2 2.Qe4+ Sxe4#

1.Qxf3 Sc3 2.Qe3+ Rxe3#

First it is imporant to realize that both kings are quite limited in their mobility by pawns sitting at their backs. Then White wants to attract black officers to the e-file, to squares from which they can check wK. For Ba1 it is e1, for Sb1 it is e4, for Rc2 it is e3. Clearly, they can help each other to move there by Annan rule. In the meantime, wQ has to clear the way by capture. Obviously, when bR checkmates by knight move, it does not make sense to open line for the move - but then the checkmate line is opened.

hs#2 (3+10)
Annan chess

S. K. Balasubramanian
6932 Phénix 238, IV 2014

a) 1.Bc5 LOxb2-a2(LOa3) 2.Rg8+ Rxc5(Rf8)#

b) 1.Rc4 LOxb2-a2(LOa4) 2.Bd6+ Bxc4(Bc7)#

Naturally, this position contains some exchanges of functions: bR-bB, wR-wB. But from the theoretical point of view, combination of locust and T&M is the most interesting. Did you realize that locust is totally taboo in this fairy condition? The reason is clear - impossibility to make Make part of any intended capturing move. This property is not limited to locusts, it is shared by all pieces that only capture to move.

hs#2 (6+4)
Take and Make
0+1 locust
b) +bpc3

Eric Huber
Julia's Fairies 2014

a) 1.LOxe5-f5(LOa1)+ LOxf6-g7(LOg8) 2.Kg5+ Kxf5(LOg6)#

b) 1.LOxf5-g5(LOf1)+ LOxf6-f7(LOe8) 2.Kh5+ Kxg5(LOg6)#

As soon as Super Circe is combined with other fairy elements, quite wild actions can be expected on the board. Here the first two halfmoves give birth to two additional locusts, one for each side. As a results, bK cannot make captureless move from g6, and after capture he has to replace himself by captured piece. That is why wK can check in W2 and after B2, even wK is immobilized on g5/h5 with no way out from check by bK.

hs#2 (3+2)
Isardam, Super Circe
locust d5
b) e5 -» f5

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