Selfmates 4

This trio of selfmates appeared recently in magazines. Without solutions, but knowing the names over diagrams, I set the positions into computer and then I appreciated the content. I was especially amazed by new Camillo Gamnitzer's opus. Just try to guess mate in main variation before looking at solution. But I think that most selfmate experts would prefere s# by Venelin Alaikov, that has undisputable merit in creation and firing of many batteries in three thematical variations.
Venelin Alaikov
3190 Phenix 76 - 1999

1.Rb6! th. 2.Sc7+ Kxc5 3.Se6+ Kd5 4.Rb5+ axb5 5.Qc4+ bxc4#
1...b3 2.Sc3+ Kxe5 3.Sd1+ Kd5 4.Sxe3+ fxe3 5.c4+ Qxc4#
1...Bxe7 2.S6d4+ Kxe5 3.Se6+ Kd5 4.Sc7+ Kxc5 5.Qxf5+ Qxf5#

Magic of batteries by one of the most outstanding mages.

s#5 (12+9)

Camillo Gamnitzer
S0073 Strategems 8 - 1999

1.Bd7 ! th. 2.Qa1+ Kxb3 3.Sa5+ Kb4 4.Qd4+ Ka3 5.Qa4+ Bxa4#
1...Qxe6 2.Bxe6! th. 3.b4 ~ 4.Qb3+ Bxb3#
2...Bh6 (2.b4? e2+! 3.g5 e1!) 3.gxh5! th. 4.b4 ~ 5.Qb3+ Bxb3#
3...Rxh5 (3.b4? Rd5!) 4.Ba5+ Rxa5 5.Qa1+ Rxa1#

Shocking checkmate as the finale of main variation, but also the motivation for black defences is good deal hidden. Especially move 2...Bh6 by black is unbelievable and hardly expectable as defence in given position.

s#5 (11+12)

Zdenek Libis
3189 Phenix 76 - 1999

1.Qg5! Kxe6 2.Sf4+
2...Qf4 3.Re8+ Kxf7 4.Re7+ Kg8 5.Qd5+ Sxd5#
2...Ke7 3.Bxd6+ Kxd6 4.Qc5+ Kxc5 5.Se4+ Sxe4#

Two model mates with two ways of activising originally pinned black pieces.

s#5 (14+6)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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