Royal units 1

At the beginning of 2005 I have received an original for Pat a Mat using royal grasshoppers. I was considering introduction m of special pages on CCM dedicated to royal units in general already before. Of course, so far we have already published a few problems featuring them on CCM, you can look them up in our CCM index of fairy elements. Below you can find a selection of various problems with few pieces on the board - 4 or 5.
Thomas R. Dawson
Fairy Chess Review 1949

a) 1.e5 rGf1 2.rGd5 e4#

b) 1.rGf7 rGh6 2.rGf1 rGf6#

c) 1.g5 rGg6 2.rGd1 rGg4#

Three different model mates - and no move repeats, what is not so simple with material so much limited in the movement.

h#2 (2+3)
1+1 royal grasshopper
b) e6 -» g6
c) = b) + f2 -» f6

Bedrich Formánek
Feenschach 1962

a) 1.Ra2 rQf6 2.rQa1 Qf1#

b) 1.rQa8 rQc7 2.rQh8 Qdd8#

Black royal queen visits all corners and is mated in two of them. Model mates.

h#2 (2+3) (2+3)
1+1 royal queen
b) a1 -» h6

Václav Kotesovec
Sachova skladba 1988

1.rGc1 rGb1 2.rGe3 Ge1 3.Gc1 Gc3 4.rGb3 rGd1 5.Ge3 Ge1 6.Gc1 rGd3 7.rGe3 Gb1 8.rGc3 rGd1 9.Ge3 rGa1 10.Gb3 rGc1 11.Gd3 rGa1 12.Gd1+ Ge1#

Complicated pattern of moves on the very small board.

h#12 (2+3)
board 5x3
1+2 grasshopper, 1+1 royal grasshopper

Olivier Ronat
Special Comm Messigny 2002

1.e8rQ! zz
1...rDRa5 2.rQb5#
1...rDRb4 2.rQa4#
1...rDRc7+ 2.rQc6#
1...rDRc5 2.rQb5#

Excellent duel of black royal dragon and white royal queen. If only it was possible to have the key not taking the flight...

#2 (3+1)
royal pawn e7, royal dragon a6

Neal Turner
Suomen Tehtäväniekat 2005

1.rGa5! zz
1...d5 2.Sc7 zz d4 3.rGd8#
      2...rGd6 3.Sb5#
1...rGd7 2.rGa7 zz d5 3.Sc5#
      2...rGd5 3.Sc7#

Both variations fork and together we see 3 different model mates, only one not beeing model.

#3 (2+2)
1+1 royal grasshopper

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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