Same fairy pieces starting in helpmate 1

This is the 1st special example file for 19th TT CCM.

To remind you, the tourney asks for helpmates where both sides start play by the fairy piece of the same type. E.g. in this file it is nightrider, three times grasshopper and nightrider-hopper.

Problems in this selection are quite old - all were published before eighties of 20th century.
Johan R. Jessurun Lobo
Feenschach 1966

1.Ng5 Ne2 2.Nh7 Kf7#

1.Nd2 Nd4 2.Ng8 Nb5#

In this extremely simple position with just kings and two thematical nightriders you may find echoed corner mates.

h#2 (2+2)
1+1 nightrider

Heinz Winterberg
2nd HM Schach-Echo 1970

1.Gd3 Gc3+ 2.Kd4 Gg1 3.G6e4 Gee3#

1.Gd7 Gc8+ 2.Kd6 Gc5 3.G4e6 Gee5#

The initial position looks like the play might be symmetrical. Indeed, the manoeuvre of Black is symmetrical, but white play is much mroe interesting. Grasshopper g3 and g4 exchange their roles and everything culminates is echo with transition by (0,2) vector.

h#3 (4+5)
3+4 grasshopper

Bedrich Formánek
Schach-Echo 1972

1.Gaxa7 Gxd5 2.Gdb7 Gxc8#

1.G7xb7 Gxa5 2.G7a7 Gxc8#

Extreme position with every square of the board full. BF has composed it as parody to the PCCC decision to allow any number of pieces in fairy pieces section of the 1st WCCT. The content is more serious than you would expect - pin-mates. When asked about economy - for example what is the function of Gh1 - BF has jokingly answered that it has important function. "Gh1 fills space, otherwise it would not be so funny!"

h#2 (8+56)
7+51 grasshopper

Konrad Kummer
2560 feenschach 43 - 1978

1.NHxf6 NHa8 2.Kb4 Kc6#

1.NHf4 NHa2 2.Kb6 Kc4#

1.NHc1 NHg8 2.Ka5 Kc6#

1.NHc2 NHe4 2.Ka6 Kc5#

Even 4 solutions are possible and some problems of this kind might be expected in the TT. Here, of course, not all white nightrider-hoppers play in all phases. The play is unified - B1 opens space for bK, in B2 black king enters flight and the white mates by antibattery.

h#2 (7+8)
3+5 nightrider-hopper

Jorge Joaquin Lois
4th HM feenschach 1978

a) 1.Gb2 Gd4+ 2.Gd2 Gh8 3.Ba2 Kc3 4.Gb2 Kc2#

b) 1.Gb5 Gd1 2.Gd3 Gh1 3.Ba2 Kc1 4.Gb1 Kc2#

Both mating moves are switchbacks of wK. The only weak point here is the same move of black bishop. All the rest is interesting echo diagonal-orthogonal with mates by white grasshopper over immobilized black grasshopper. Of course, longer helpmates are thematical for out TT as well.

h#4 (2+4)
1+2 grasshopper
b) g7 -» g1

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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