4th TT Quartz C 1.9.2002

Redaction of Romanian chess composition magazine Quartz organises thematical tourney for fairy help-selfmates and help-selfstalemates (hs#n, hs=n). Any theme.

Diagrams with full solutions and the name(s) and adress(es) of the author(s) should be sent to the following adress: Vlaicu Crisan, Closca no 2, RO-3400 Cluj, Romania, e-mail: vlaicu@mail.dntcj.ro.

Deadline: 1st September 2002.

Judge: Paul Raican.

Possible thematical example already published on CCM: hs#3 by Juraj Lörinc. There is also recent example from Quartz given below.

Eric Huber
dedicated to Vlaicu Crisan 28
Quartz 16 - 2001

a) 1.Rd8 Rc8 2.Rd2 Kd3 3.Kb7 Ke3 4.Ka6 Bb5 5.Rd4+ Rc1#

After Pelle move (1.Rd8) we see unpinning (1...Rc8), two self-interferences specific for Mars Circe (1...Rc8, 2.Rd2) allowing march of both kings and two blockings (4...Bb5, 5.Rd4+), the mate is given by battery (5...Rc1#).

b) 1.e5 Ra4 2.Be1 Kd1 3.Rc2 Bf1 4.Bc3+ Ke1 5.Rc1+ Ra1#

The solution begins by anticipatory self-intereference exploited only on 5th move, then we see unpinning (1...Ra4) of Rd8 and self-interference of wK (2.Be1). Move 3.Rc2 is critical as rook will interefered by 4.Bc3, but also anticritical as this way bishop doesn't close rook with respect of c1. Black bishop is pinned (in anticipation, 3...Bf1). The mate is similar to a) in a special way - it is occupation of Circe square of white piece giving check.

hs#5 (4+4)
Mars Circe
b) c5 -» b4

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