Announcement of 3rd TT Quartz

Romanian magazine Quartz is known to publish articles about diverse fairy elements. In the No. 9 there is an interesting article about little known, but very flexible fairy condition: Republican chess. And the editor of Quartz, Paul Raican decided to dedicate 3rd TT to this fairy condition. It was mostly explored in "orthodox" #2, but there is nothing preventing from its application to other genres.

Quartz announces formal competition for original chess compositions.

Authors are asked to send their problems using Republican chess and at least one other fairy element to the following adress:

Sector 1
str. Matei Millo

It is exactly the adress that appeared in Quartz. I am missing postal code and it seems that director's name shouldn't be included in adress. If anybody knows some points better, let me know. (JL).

Tourney director: Eric Huber.
Judge: Paul Raican.
Closing date: 1.12.1999.
Possible thematical example: semi-r#2 in Republican chess with chameleon.

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