Popular fairy problems 2

Our 9th TT is dedicated to "popular fairy problems". In first special example file we've seen some direct problems, below you can find various helpmates.

Their themes include castling, transformation of pieces leading to unexpected mates, round trip, Bristol moves...
Juha Saukkola
Jukka Tuovinen

Prize Thema Danicum 1995

1...0-0 2.Qe8 Rxf3(Rh1) 3.Kf3 Kxg2(Ke1) 4.Kg2 0-0#

Original idea - white during solution makes twice short castling.

h#3,5 (2+8)

Yves Cheylan
Rochade Europa 1994

1.Rh1 Re8 2.Rag1 Bxb7(Bf1)#

1.Rg1 Rh8 2.Raf1 Kxb7(Ke1)#

In both solutions there are Bristol manoeuvres by black rooks. They both must be far enough from a1, as white rook mates on black square, having a1 as Circe square. Thus they make critical moves and 1st rank is closed by capturing white piece.

h#2 (6+6)
Anticirce type Cheylan

Henry Tanner
2nd HM feenschach 1994

1.Bf4+ Be3 2.Kf2 Kxf4#

1.Bg4 Bf3 2.Kg2 Kxg4#

1.Rh4 Rxh3 2.Kh2 Kxh4#

It is as simple as possible. Both sides move to prepare paralysis, bK runs under future fire and wK captures paralysing piece, checking bK immediately. Echo of kings' moves. Not only unified play in 3 solutions, but also exemplary economy.

h#2 (4+5)

Klaus Wenda
Rochade Europa 1995

1.Qcd7 Bf4 2.exf4=w Be2 3.Qxe2=w Qe5#

1.Qee7 Bb5 2.cxb5=w Bc1 3.Qxc1=w Qc6#

Analogical transformation of both white bishops into white pawn and white queen in both solutions. Mates themselves are well known.

h#3 (3+8)
Andernach chess

Alexander Lehmkuhl
Europa Rochade 1992

1.dxe6(Bf1) Ba6 2.Kd6 Bc8 3.Kxe7(Ra1) Ra8 4.Ke8 Bxe6(e7)#

Unusual round trip of white bishop including "move" e6-f1 possible thanks to Circe condition.

h#4 (4+4)

Erik Hansen
2nd Comm Thema Danicum 2000

1. Ra3 Sa5 2.Rxd3(wBf1)+ Bxd3(bQd8) 3.Qxa5(wBc1) Bh7 4.Qa8! Bb2#

Thematical captures of wS change them to bishops, also black piece is needed in the form of queen. But the core lies in final position specific for Chameleon Circe and in the precisely determined 4th black move to the corner on the absolutely free board.

h#4 (3+2)
Chameleon Circe

Chris Feather
Scrapings 2001


1.Ga5 Kg4 2.Kg2 Gh4 3.Gg3 Kf5 4.Gg5 Gf6 5.Ge5 Ke4 6.Gh2 Kd3 7.Gc3 Ke2 8.Kh1 Kf1 9.Gg7 Gh8#

Set mate over immobilised Gg1 can't be kept, but black grasshoppers switch their roles of hurdles serving for making mating move and for lethal checking. Beautiful echo - it is unbelievable it works so well without duals and anything cookstopping else on the board.

h#9* (2+3)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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