23rd TT Problem-Echo C 31.12.2004

Problem-Echo announces its 23rd theme tourney. Theme: Orthodox direct mate miniatures without any check or capture during the solution.

Judge: Wolfgang A. Bruder and Klaus-Peter Zuncke.

Entries should be sent before December 31st 2004 to the following adress:

Dieter Müller
Grenzstraße 45A
D-09376 Oelsnitz

Examples follow.
Matti Myllyniemi
2nd-3rd HM Probleemblad 1957

1.Se8! th. 2.Sf6, Sg7, Sd6
1...Be2 2.Sd6 th. 3.Se4, Sf5
1...Bh3 2.Sf6 th. 3.Sh5, Se4
1...Bg2 2.Sg7 th. 3.Sh5, Sf5

It seems that moremovers with the required theme are not so usual, although I have no collection of miniatures. In the present problem we see a duel of the black bishop and the white knight.

#4 (3+4)

Thomas R. Dawson
HM Chess Amateur 1924

1.Ke5! ~ 2.Kd6 ~ 3.Kc7 ~ 4.Kd8 ~ 5.Se8, Sh5

Here in the symmetrical position we have obviously only one solution as wK must get to eight rank without stepping to light squares.

#6 (4+3)

Dieter Müller
1st HM Problem-Echo 2003/2-2

1.Se4! Kf5 2.S4f6 Ke5 3.Bg8 Kf5 4.Kd4 Kg6 5.Kd5 Kf5 6.Bh7#

Black Rex Solus starts in the stalemate position, that's why the key must be flight-giving. The rest is about forming the mating net.

#6 (5+1)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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