Originals from Pat a Mat 25 - first part

This is the 1st of 3 files containing Pat a Mat 25 originals. The others are:
Second part
Third part

The solutions are already here. Note Slovak signs for pieces: K - king, D - queen, V - rook, S - bishop, J - knight, p - pawn.

Comments to #2, #3, #n originals, originally in Slovak, are by Peter Gvozdják, Karol Mlynka and Ivan Garaj respectively. Translated to English by Juraj Lörinc.

Vladimir Kozhakin
Magadan, RUS
397 Pat a Mat 25 - July 1999

Comment on original for solving:
Today's twomovers are again varied. Vladimir from the other end of the world presents strategical twomover, ...

1.Sc6! th. 2.Dd6#, 1...Kxc6, Dxe4, V3xe4, V7xe4, Sxe4, Ve5, Jc3 2.Jb5, Jf5, e3, Je6, Jc2, De3, dxe3#.

Four selfpins on e4 (PG). Four selfpins on e4 - but nothing new. (Bohus Moravcik) Sympathetic connection of mutual pins. (Jozef Lozek)

#2 (9+12)

Nikola Velikij
Kyjev, UKR
398 Pat a Mat 25 - July 1999

Comment on original for solving:
... Nikola tries and changes ...

1...Jxd5, Jxe4 2.Vc4A, Vd3B#

1.Jd(e)c3? th. 2.Vc4A, Vd3B#, 1...Se2, cxb5 2.Jxe2C, Jxb5#, 1...f1D!

1.Jf4? th. 2.Je6#, 1...Dxe5, Sg4 2.Vc4A, Vd3B#, 1...Dd6!

1.Jg3! th. 2.Jf5#, 1...Dxe5, Sg4 2.Vd3B, Vc4A#.

Ruchlis + Rudenko + pseudo-le Grand (in normal and inverted form) + radical change + reciprocal change. Prototype of such complicated blend of themes (author).

#2 (11+10)

Janez Nastran
Domzale, SLO
399 Pat a Mat 25 - July 1999

Comment on original for solving:
... and Janez presents Hannelius theme in the form of white correction.

1.Jd-? th. 2.Ve5A#, 1...Vb3a!
1.Jc4!? th. 2.Vd6B#, 1...Kxd5 2.Jxe3#, 1...Se5(Vf6) 2.V(x)e5A#, 1...Sf6b!
1.Jf7! th. 2.Jd8#, 1...Vb3a, Sf6b, Jc6 2.Vd6B, Ve5A, Dxc6#.

Combination of Hannelius theme with white tertiary correction. This last point isn't so easily seen as in other works (e.g. Chris Reeves, The Problemist 1996 and 1997), because here 1.Jc4!? and 1.Jf7! both cover e5 and allow mate B, but thanks to other motives, threat after 1.Jf7! is again changed. For theme clarity it is essential to have ALL threats repeated as mates in one phase. The weak point of my problem is economy - in every phase there are some white nightsleepers. (author)

#2 (10+9)

Zoltán Labai
Velky Kyr, SVK
400 Pat a Mat 25 - July 1999

Comment on original for solving:
First two threemovers have common point in principle of double covering of thematical squares by black pieces. Experienced Zoltán turns 5 white moves around using this device, ...

th. (Df6), Sb1, dxe6, Dg6, Dxe7 2.Vxf4+A, Vxd5+B, Dxc4+C, Jxc6+D, Sxe5+E Dxf4, Jxd5, Sxc4, Vxc6, Jxe5 3.BCDEA.
(Dual minor after 1...Je7, e4).

Fivefold rotation of white moves with unified motivation is solid achievement. (KM)

#3 (10+13)

Miroslav Kasár
Brezno, SVK
401 Pat a Mat 25 - July 1999

Comment on original for solving:
... while Miroslav in three phases with only one variation makes 3 black moves to dance together with mates mounting branched external carousel.

1...Jxc3+a 2.Dxc3+ Sxc3b, Vxc3c 3.Jf4# A, Jb4# B

1.Ka1? Sxc3+b, 2.Dxc3+ Vxc3c, Jxc3a 3.Vd4# C, Jf4# A, 1...Jxe3!

1.Kc1! th. 2.Db1 + Jc2 3.Dxc2#, 1...c 2.Dxc3+ ab 3.BC.

Carousel subvariant change with total rotation of black moves in three phases with the same white 2nd move after checking white king had to be appreciated. (KM)

#3 (12+11)

Josef Krivohlávek
Uherske Hradiste, CZE
dedicated to J.Brabec - 60
402 Pat a Mat 25 - July 1999

Comment on original for solving:
It seems that "letter soups" are supporting right our magazine by spicy taste, but other flavours are appearing on menu only rarely. We have nice exception in third - jubilee - threemover 302 with theme of WCCT and near as well as far blocks.

1.Ve5+? Kf3!
1Vf4+? Kd5!
1.Dg6! th. 2.De8+ Kxf5 3.Dg6#
1...Vxg3, Vd3, Vd4, Ve3 2.Ve5+!, Vf4+!, Vxf2+, Vc5 etc. In addition to announced you can be catched by reciprocal change of functions of d4, e3 squares. (Bohus Moravcik) Theme of 6th WCCT was dedicated by jubilee to jubilee. Once again best wishes. (KM)

#3 (8+12)

Vladimir Kozhakin
Magadan, RUS
403 Pat a Mat 25 - July 1999

Comment on original for solving:
403 has two variations ending in the same model mate, beware of 1.Kc7? Kf5!

1.Vc6! zz
1...Kf5 2.Sh3+ Ke5 3.Kc7 Kd5 4.Vc5#
1...Kd5 2.Kc7 Ke5 3.Sh3 Kd5 4.Vc5#.

The same model mates variations, but also change of 2nd a 3rd white moves. (IG) Simple. (Bohus Moravcik)

#4 (4+2)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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