Originals from Pat a Mat 24 - first part

This is the 1st of 3 files containing Pat a Mat 24 originals. The others are:
Second part
Third part

The solutions are already here. Note Slovak signs for pieces: K - king, D - queen, V - rook, S - bishop, J - knight, p - pawn.

Comments to #2, #3, #n originals, originally in Slovak, are by Peter Gvozdják, Karol Mlynka and Ivan Garaj respectively. Translated to English by Juraj Lörinc.

Eligiusz Zimmer
Piotrkow Trybunalski, POL
308 Pat a Mat 24 - April 1999

Comment on original for solving:
Twomovers are a bit unbalanced, but mostly striking. This miniature serves for heating-up, ...

1.De3(g1)? th. 2.a7#, 1...Sc6(c8) 2.Jc6#, 1...S~!,

1.Db2(b1)? th. 2.Jc6#, 1...Ka7!,

1.Dc6! th. 2.Dxb7#, 1...S~, Sxc6 2.Da8, Jxc6#.

Miniature with simple changes and sacrificial key.

#2 (5+2)

Frantisek Sabol
Havirov-Bludovice, CZE
309 Pat a Mat 24 - April 1999

Comment on original for solving:
... then it will be necessary to use brain harder (if not for solving, then for finding the themes). The fact that both following works use "redundant" material, is to some extent surprising even me. One of them is "new-strategical", ...

1.Sxd6? th.. 2.Sf4#, 1...Jce6a, Jde6b 2.Jexc1A, Jdxc1B#, 1...Jxe2!,

1.Dxd6! th. 2.Df4#, 1...Jce6a, Jde6b 2.Jdxc1B, Jexc1A#.

Another remains from TT in Pula with so called Petrovic's idea: reciprocal change with condition about moves - all thematical moves are by knights, white to the same square, black to the same square. (Once upon a time we thought with Marek Kolcak about three and three knights and cyclical change - but it looks like one of the hardest challenges I ever imposed on myself.)

#2 (11+11)

Miroslav Kasár
Brezno, SVK
310 Pat a Mat 24 - April 1999

Comment on original for solving:
... second has one phase.

1.Sd4! th.. 2.Jxc3, Jxf6#,
1...Jbxd5, Jcxd5, Jexd5, Jfxd5, Vxd5 2.Vaxe6, Dhxe6, Vexe6, Vhxe6, Dcxe6#.

So called Baltic theme - defences on the same square, mates on the same square, thanks to promoted force in record setting (under normal circumstances the record has 4 variations).

#2 (13+10)

Jozef Taraba
Kezmarok, SVK
311 Pat a Mat 24 - April 1999

Comment on original for solving:
Present number of threemove originals by Slovak authors gained 100% by including 311 with Nowotny and ...

1.Jb3! hr. 2.Dc5+ bxc5 3.Ja5#,
1...Sd6+ 2.Jxd6+C Jxd6 3.Vxc7#A,
1...Vd4 2.Dxd4+ Jxd4 3.Sxd5#B,
1...Vc3 2.Se5 (th.. 3.Vxc7#A a 3.Sxd5#B) Jxd8 3.Jd6#,
1...Se3 2.Sd4 (th.. 3.Vxc7#A a 3.Sxd5#B/ Jxd8 3.Jd6#.

Inter-variation change of function of moves with flavour of Nowotny and rare pin mate after elimination of thematical threats. Critical square is once used for closing the pinning piece.

#3 (10+13)

Peter Gvozdják
Karol Mlynka

Bratislava, SVK
312 Pat a Mat 24 - April 1999

Comment on original for solving:
... 312 with Lacny theme. We request reputable composers to help us renew the stock of good compositions. The sooner, the better.

1...exd5 2.g4 Kf4 3.Jh5# A

1.Sh7? th. 2.Jh5+ A Kxd5 3.Jf4#
1...Vxh4 a 2.Jg4+ B Kxd5 3.Je3#
1...Df2 b 2.Jd7+ C Kxd5 3.Jxb6#
1...Sxc7 c 2.Jxe8+ D Kxd5 3.Jxc7#

1.Sxe6! th. 2.D Ke4 3.Jd6#
1...a 2.A Ke4 3.Jg3#
1...b 2.B Ke4 3.Jxf2#
1...c 2.C Ke4 3.Jxc5#

Not the newest 4-fold Shedey cycle with Siers battery with decorative (or "demolative"?) wQa8 in solution. Perhaps in the new age there will be more liberalism about number and use of pieces, but - pardon until then...

#3 (14+11)

Eligiusz Zimmer
Piotrkow Trybunalski, POL
313 Pat a Mat 24 - April 1999

Comment on original for solving:
Miniature minimal 313 has mangy material, but unambiguous combination 10 moves long will surely catch an interest.

1.Jxd5! Ka2 2.Kc2 Ka1 3.Jb4! d5 4.Kc1 d4 5.Jc2+ Ka2 6.Jxd4 Ka1 7.Kc2 Ka2 8.Je2 Ka1 9.Jc1 a2 10.Jb3#.

It is unbelievable this 10 moves long combination is unambigous. Whether it is not anticipated, it will shown by time.

#10 (2+4)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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