Nikolaj Zujev 50 C 30.6.2004

To celebrate birthday of the composer, Lithuanian Chess Composers Society announces jubilee tourney.

Theme: orthodox h#4.

See the example.

Judge: jubilee N. Zujev.

Entries should be sent before June 30th 2004 to the adress

Antanas Vilkauskas
Parko 1-8

or by e-mail to

Nikolaj Zujev
Comm Ideal-Mate Review 2000

a) 1.Kd5 Bh3 2.Be5 Bd7 3.Rh6 Kd3 4.Rd6 e4#

b) 1.Kd4 Kc2 2.Be5 Bg2 3.Rc1+ Kd2 4.Rc4 e3#

Two similar ideal mates.

h#4 (3+4)
b) e3 -» b1

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