Norman Macleod Award 1998-1999

This award is for the "most striking and original" problem of any kind published in The Problemist over a 2-year period. These two years were judged by 5 experts: Marjan Kovacevic, Bo Lindgren, Hans Peter Rehm, John Rice and Paul Valois.

I (Juraj Lörinc) was absolutely amazed by 3 best problems that appeared on front page of May 2001 issue of The Problemist. I immediately typed them for CCM readers...
Valentin Rudenko
Viktor Chepizhny

Winner, Macleod Award 1998-1999

1.Sd7? A th. 2.Sb6#
1...Rc6 a, Rxc7 b 2.Rb1! C, Qe2! D

1.Sfe6? B th. 2.Sf4#
1...Rc6 a, Rxc7 b 2.Qe2! D, Rb1! C

1.Rb1? C th. 2.Rd1+
1...Rc6 a, Rxc7 b 2.Sd7! A, Sfe6! B

1.Qe2! D th. 2.Qd1+
1...Rc6 a, Rxc7 b 2.Sfe6! B, Sd7! A

HPR: "A very original extension of modern 2-move ideas to a 3-mover. I have never before seen a similar connection between 4 moves as here between Sd7/Sfe6/Rb1/Qe2 in tries and solution."
JR: "A brilliant concept executed with the mastery we have come to expect of its composers."

#3 (12+11)

Vladimir Jerochin
Viktor Melnicenko
Anatolij Slesarenko

Runner-up, Macleod Award 1998-1999

1...Sxd6, Bxd6 2.Rxc5# (Qb7?), Qb7# (Rxc5?)

1.Sd6~? th. 2.Rxc5#, Qb7#

1.Sxc4!? th. 2.Rxc5# (not Qb7?)
1...Rxd4 2.Qb7#
1...Bd6 2.Sb6#

1.Sxe4!! th. 2.Qb7# (not Rxc5?)
1...Rxd4 2.Rxc5#
1...Sd6 2.Sf6#
(1...Kxe4 2.Bg2#)

Very good synthesis of known themes: Sushkov theme & le Grand in the form of white correction with reciprocal reduction of threat, give-and-take key and try allowing further change of two mates with regard to set play. Main scheme involving 5 (potential) flights d6, c4, e4, c5, e6 is symmetrical, but choice of two main thematical mates (Qb7# and Rxc5#) allows very good non-symmetrical impression.

#2 (11+9)

Gabor Cseh
Runner-up, Macleod Award 1998-1999

a) 1...c8Q 2.Se8 fxe8Q 3.Qxe6 Qxc3 4.Qxe5 Qxb2+ 5.Kxb2 Qxe5#

b) 1...f8Q 2.Sd8 cxd8Q 3.Qxb6 Qxa3 4.Qxa5 Qxa2+ 5.Kxa2 Qxa5#

Unbelievable echo diagonal-orthogonal. White promotes 4 times to queen at four different squares. Everytime one of his queens clears the way for mate and sacrifices herself, allowing bK's step into mating net, black queen in the meantime clears the way for mating move, sacrificing herself too. I always admired composers able to motivate colourfully the play with promotions, but what produces Gabor recently, it leaves me breathless...

h#4,5 (8+14)
b) c6 «-» d6

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