New ideas (mainly) in fairy chess

Fairy chess is exploding in recent years. New and new pieces, conditions and themes appear. Almost no one is able to keep track of all novelties. On this page there will be introduced some ideas that catched my interest (or interest of any reader that subsequently submitted his opinion or examples).

These two new fairy conditions were invented by Miro Brada a few years ago. I think they are worth popularizing... (Added 9.4.1999)
SAT is a fairy condition invented by Ladislav Salai sr., first he published a few problems using it and it seemed very fruitful. Let's look at some simple examples... but recent compositions in SAT show that there really is huge potential! (Added 26.7.1999, modified 13.4.2003)
Heffalumps, BiHeffalumps
4 new fairy conditions were introduced at Andernach 1999 meeting, two of them are shown here. (Added 31.7.2000)
Woozles, BiWoozles
Other 2 new fairy conditions introduced at Andernach 1999 meeting. (Added 7.8.2000)
Supertransmuting king
An invention of Karol Mlynka, direct consequence of using transmuting king as the obligatory fairy element in WCCT. (Added 25.1.2001)
Helpmates in SAT
SAT helpmates are still quite scarce, but there is some potential hidden - perhaps you might like this selection including 3 originals. (Added 4.10.2004)

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