New longest moremover without promoted pieces?

Bedrich Formánek writes:

Mr. Lutz Neweklowsky, Drais-1, 76135 Karlsruhe, Germany, tel/fax 0049 721 841 095, sent me a letter (posted 20th March 2000) with the following interesting claim:

"As it is known, there exists an old record of O. T. Bláthy from the year 1889 with rem mate in 257 without "obtrusive pieces" (opinion of J. Morse in the book "Chess Problems: Tasks and Records, 1995, page 8). I have composed a new record with mate in 258! Here is the position (see below) with solution:

(German notation - king K, queen D, rook T, bishop L, knight S)
1.Dxe3 Sxe3 2.exf3 exf3 3.gxf3 Sxf3+ 4.Kh3 Sg5+ 5.Kh4 Sf3+ 6.Kh5 Sf5 7.Ta7 Sg3+ 8.Kh6 Sf5+ 9.Kh7 Sg5+ 10.Kh8 Sd4 11.Kg7 Sf5+ 12.Kf8 Kf6 13.Le8 Se6+ 14.Kg8 Se7+ 15.Kh8 Sg6+ 16.Kh7 Sgf4 17.Kh6 Sg5 18.Ta6+ Sge6 19.Lb5 Ke5 20.Lc4 Sc7 21.Ta3 Sce6 22.Kh7 Kd4 23.Lb3 Ke5 24.Kg8 Kf6 25.La2 Ke7 26.Ta7+ Kf6 27.Lb1 Ke5 28.Kf7 Sg5+ 29.Ke8 Sd5 30.Ld3 Kd6 31.Lc4 Se4 32.Kf8 Se3 33.Le2 Ke5 34.Kg7 Sd6 35.Ta5+ Ke4 36.Lh5 Sec4 37.Ta1 Se3 38.Ta4+ Ke5 39.Lf3 Sef5+ 40.Kg6 Se7+ 41.Kg5 Sd5 42.Lh1 Sf7+ 43.Kg4 Sd6 44.Kf3 Sc3 45.Ta5+ Kd4 46.Kf4 Se2+ 47.Kg4 Sc3 48.La8 Sc4 49.Th5 Se3+ 50.Kf4 Scd5+ 51.Kf3 Sb6 52.Lb7 Sed5 53.Th1 Ke5 54.Te1+ Kd4 55.Te4+ Kc5 56.Th4 Sf6 57.Kf4 Sc4 58.Lf3 Sd6 59.Ke5 Sd7+ 60.Ke6 Sf8+ 61.Kf6 Sd7+ 62.Kg5 Sc4 63.Lh1 Sdb6 64.Kf6 Sd5+ 65.Ke6 Sb4 66.Lf3 Sc2 67.Th5+ Kd4 68.Th2 S4e3 69.Th1 Kc5 70.Th5+ Kd4 71.Le2 Sg2 72.Td5+ Ke3 73.Te5+ Kd4 74.Lf3 Sge3 75.Lb7 Sc4 76.Td5+ Ke3 77.Th5 Kd4 78.La6 Sb6 79.Tb5 Sc4 80.Td5+ Kc3 81.Td8 S2e3 82.Td7 Kb2 83.Td4 Kc3 84.Te4 Kd3 85.Tf4 Kc3 86.Kd7 Se5+ 87.Kd6 Sd3 88.Te4 Sf5+ 89.Kc7 Sb2 90.Kd7 Sd3 91.Tc4+ Kd2 92.Ke6 Sg7+ 93.Kf6 Sh5+ 94.Kg5 Shf4 95.Kf5 Se2 96.Th4 Sg3+ 97.Kf6 Sf4 98.Kg5 Se6+ 99.Kg4 Se4 100.Lc4 S6c5 101.Kf3 Kc3 102.Lg8 Sd6 103.Th3 Sd7 104.Ke2+ Kd4 105.Td3+ Kc5 106.Td5+ Kc6 107.Td1 Sb6 108.Kd3 Sdc8 109.Lf7 Kc5 110.Tc1+ Kd6 111.Td1 Sa7 112.Th1 Sbc8 113.Th6+ Kc5 114.Le8 Se7 115.Ke4 Sac8 116.Ke5 Sb6 117.Th5 Sed5 118.Ke4 Kd6 119.Kd4 Ke7 120.La4 Sf4 121.Th7+ Kd6 122.Lb3 Se2+ 123.Ke3 Sc3 124.Th6+ Kc5 125.Th5+ Kb4 126.Le6 Sb5 127.Lh3 Sc4+ 128.Kd3 Sb2+ 129.Kc2 Sc4 130.Ld7 Sba3+ 131.Kd3 Sb6 132.Le8 Sbc4 133.Tg5 Sd6 134.Lc6 Sdc4 135.Lb7 Sb2+ 136.Ke4 Sa4 137.Tg4 Kc5 138.Kd3 Sb6 139.Tg5+ Kb4 140.La6 Sd7 141.Kd4 Sb6 142.Th5 Sd7 143.Ld3 Sb6 144.Le2 Sc2+ 145.Ke5 Se3 146.La6 Sec4+ 147.Kd4 Sa3 148.Th4 Ka5 149.Lb7 Kb4 150.Lh1 Sb5+ 151.Kd3+ Kc5 152.Th6 Sa7 153.Lg2 Sd7 154.Th5+ Kd6 155.Td5+ Kc7 156.Ke3 Sc6 157.Td1 Sde5 158.Kf4 Kb6 159.Ld5 Sd7 160.Lf7 Sc5 161.Kf5 Kc7 162.Lh5 Sb3 163.Ke4 Sb4 164.Ke5 Sc5 165.Lf3 Sc6+ 166.Kd5 Sd3 167.Td2 Sf4+ 168.Ke4 Sg6 169.Ld1 Sge7 170.La4 Kb6 171.Td6 Kc7 172.Te6 Kd7 173.Tf6 Kc7 174.Lb5 Kb7 175.Te6 Kc7 176.Kd3 Kd7 177.Th6 Kc7 178.Kc4 Se5+ 179.Kb4 Sc8 180.Te6 Sd7 181.Tc6+ Kd8 182.La4 Se5 183.Th6 Sd7 184.Th2 Scb6 185.Lb3 Ke7 186.Tg2 Kd6 187.Kb5 Sc8 188.Th2 Se7 189.Td2+ Kc7 190.Le6 Sf8 191.Lh3 Seg6 192.Kc5 Sf4 193.Lg4 S8e6+ 194.Kc4 Sg5 195.Td1 Kc6 196.Ld7+ Kc7 197.La4 Kb6 198.Td6+ Kc7 199.Td7+ Kb6 200.Te7 Sf3 201.Te3 Sg5 202.Kd4 Sge6+ 203.Ke5 Sc5 204.Lc2 Sfe6 205.Th3 Sc7 206.Th6+ Ka5 207.Kd6 S7a6 208.Lg6 Kb4 209.Kd5 Ka5 210.Lh5 Sa4 211.Lf7 Sb2 212.Lg6 Sa4 213.Th5 Kb4 214.Kc6 Sb8+ 215.Kc7 Sa6+ 216.Kb7 S6c5+ 217.Kc6 Sa6 218.Th4+ Ka3 219.Th3+ Kb4 220.Ld3 S6c5 221.Th4+ Ka3 222.Lc2 Sb3 223.Th3 Sac5 224.Kb5 Kb2 225.Ld1 Ka2 226.Lxb3+ Sxb3 227.Kb4 Sc1 228.Kc3 Se2+ 229.Kd2 Sd4 230.Kd3 Sc6 231.Kc4 Sa5+ 232.Kb4 Sc6+ 233.Kb5 Se5 234.Kc5 Sd7+ 235.Kb4 Kb2 236.Th2+ Kb1 237.Tf2 Kc1 238.Kc3 Kb1 239.Tb2+ Kc1 240.Tc2+ Kb1 241.Kb3 Se5 242.Tc3 Sd7 243.Tc6 Se5 244.Tf6 Kc1 245.Kc3 Kd1 246.Td6+ Ke2 247.Te6 Kf3 248.Txe5 Kf4 249.Kd4 Kf3 250.Te4 Kf2 251.Te3 Kg2 252.Kd3 Kf1 253.Tf3+ Kg2 254.Ke2 Kg1 255.Tf2 Kh1 256.Kf3 Kg1 257.Kg3 Kh1 258.Tf1#"

Please, send your opinions or objections to my e-mail address or to Juraj Lörinc's page (see far below).
Lutz Neweklowsky

Solution see above!

#258 (6+6)

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