Madrasi Rex Inclusiv with active kings 3

Two of the most frequent fairy conditions are Circe and Madrasi. They were combined relatively often, the 7th TT Phenix in 1994 was even dedicated to problems showing combination of these two fairy conditions. Both even have their Rex Inclusiv forms and not surprisingly, this coincidence had inspired a few authors to produce such problems. While most of them lack element of kings mobility (like my joint with Mark Ridley and Charles Frankiss), some of them include it. I have added one "simple" Circe problem to this group.
Bertil Gedda
3rd Prize Springaren 1983-84

1.f8B 2.Bh6 3.Bd2 4.g5 5.Kg4 6.Kf5 7.Ke6 8.Kd7 9.Bh5 10.Ke8+ Bxe8(Ke1)#

Specific fairy efects are the following:

- in Circe Rex Inclusiv opposite piece aimed at king does not necessarily check, for that his Circe square would have to be occupied,

- exactly this stepping on e8 checks Black on the last white move,

- the king might unparalyze line pieces by stepping onto paralysis line - the 8th move,

- bB parries check by paralysing wB (usual Madrasi effect), but also captures wK, transporting him into paralysis - this is very specific CRI + MRI effect

ser-s#10 (5+4)
Circe Rex Inclusiv
Madrasi Rex Inclusiv

Anders Olson
3rd Prize Probleemblad 1984

1.d5 Sb6 2.Bxb6(Sg1) Sxe2(Ke8)#

1.f5 Sxd6(d7) 2.dxc6(Bf1) Bxe2(Ke8)#

1.Qxc8(Sb1) Ke8 2.Bxe8(Ke1) Sc3#

1.Se8 Sxd6(d7) 2.Rxe7(Ke1) Bb5#

The effect mentiond above is quadrupled here. White king is transported into paralysis twice, black king twice. Thus this helpmate is a kind of HOTF, composed long before the term was coined. You could find it in Album FIDE 1983-85.

h#2 (3+9)
Madrasi Rex Inclusiv
Circe Rex Inclusiv

László Anyos
952v Phénix 18 -VI 1992

1.Bc1 Bxa3(Rh8) 2.Kd6 gxh8S#

1.Ra2 Rxd2(Bf8) 2.Kd6 gxf8S#

Here it is bK himself, who walks into paralysis. The square d6 is in the intersection of two white lines, so that before bK steps there, both white linemovers have to be deactivated. One is paralysed on the other side, one is paralysed by rebirth of black piece of the same kind. Mates then unparalyse by capture of reborn piece, paralysing at the same time black knights that might prevent mate. Circe does not play so prominent role here.

h#2 (4+7)
Madrasi Rex Inclusiv, Circe

Hans-Peter Suwe
5831 Problemkiste 145 - II 2003

1.exd6(Ke1) f6 2.Kd7 f7 3.Ke7 f8R 4.Kxf8(Ra1) 0-0-0

1.e5 fxe6 e.p.(e7) 2.exd6(Ke1) e7 3.Kd7 e8R 4.Kxe8(Rh1) 0-0

Let's finish with something less usual - help-castling.

The problem builds on the convention that in Circe reborn rooks may castle, and the same should be applied to kings, reborn under Circe Rex Inclusiv. Here it is Madrasi what plays less important role, nevertheless, it contributes to the uniqueness of solutions in a specific way.

h-castling-4 (2+2)
Madrasi Rex Inclusiv
Circe Rex Inclusiv

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