Madrasi Rex Inclusiv with active kings 2

This file may act as a proof that I have actively worked with theme of 21th TT CCM C 5.5.2007. Some of the ideas shown in the originals below are new and surely there are many more awaiting discovery. In all white king serves as a hurdle for some hopper, either for check or for mating move.
Juraj Lörinc
Chess Composition Microweb 25.12.2006

1.LIh7? zz
1...Ke3 2.LIa7#
1...Kd3 2.LId7#

1.LIh5? zz
1...Kc3 2.LIe5#
1...Ke3 2.LIc5#

1.LIh6! zz
1...Kc3 2.LIf6#
1...Ke3 2.LIb6#
1...Kd3 2.LId6#

Once upon a time Slovakia competed in a match with Ukraine and one of sections was dedicated to fairy twomovers where the key gives at least 3 flights. I have come up with this and the following problem. But other our entries were better.

Both tries and the key give 3 flights and bK then selfparalyzes after using them. White has to choose the right key so as to have an answer to all defences.

#2 (9+6)
Madrasi Rex Inclusiv
3+2 lion

Juraj Lörinc
Chess Composition Microweb 25.12.2006

1.PAd8? zz
1...Kxb2, Kb3, Kb4 2.PAd2#, PAd4#, PAd3#

1.PAe8? zz
1...Kxb2, Kb3, Kb4 2.PAe2#, PAe4#, PAe3#

1.PAf8? zz
1...Kxb2, Kb3, Kb4 2.PAf2#, PAf4#, PAf3#

1.PAg8? zz
1...Kxb2, Kb3, Kb4 2.PAg2#, PAg4#, PAg3#

1.PAh8! zz
1...Kxb2, Kb3, Kb4 2.PAh2#, PAh4#, PAh3#

Here there are even 4 tries and less units on the board, five-phase change of 3 mates, but at the cost of more mechanic play and weird grasshopper. I more like the previous version.

#2 (4+6)
Madrasi Rex Inclusiv
2+1 pao, 0+1 grasshopper

Juraj Lörinc
Chess Composition Microweb 25.12.2006

1.Kd7 Kf4 2.Ke6 Ke4 3.Kf5 NGd6#

1.Kb6 Kd5 2.Ka5 Kc5 3.Kb4 NGd3#

Chameleon echo mates are one of the best known elements in helpmates and indeed it is possible to work with them under the thematic requirements of the 21th TT CCM. While I was unable to find position with 3+1 pieces only, bS nicely determines movements of both kings.

h#3 (3+2)
Madrasi Rex Inclusiv
2+0 nightrider-hopper

Juraj Lörinc
Chess Composition Microweb 25.12.2006


1.Kb2 2.nGb1 3.nGd1 4.Ga3 5.Gd3 6.Gb3 7.nGa4 8.Rf1 9.Rf6 nGd4#

And finally one of forms that I really like: series helpmate with set play. The mate by wK firing the antibattery at a2 is prepared, but Black cannot keep the position. Among two moves available to him, 1.Kc2 mates White, so that he has to choose 1.Kb2 as the first move and then has to prepare very different final position. In it, nG cannot jump away as long diagonal is blocked and 10.nGb4 would not remove check.

By the way, without Gg7 the problem would be correct ser-h#7, but in my view, additional motif of blocking the nG's jump away along long diagonal is worth the piece and two moves, moreover it surprisingly brings into play Ra1 that is seemingly needed only for blocking a1 as there is necessary move 7.nGa4.

ser-h#9* (1+6+1)
Madrasi Rex Inclusiv
0+2+1 grasshopper, neutral unit b8

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