Selection from award of Martin-Zilina 1998-1999 - s#2-3

Judged by Stefan Sovik. 3 Prizes, 3 HMs, 3 Comms of 16 competing selfmates.

Comments by judge Stefan Sovik (slightly changed and simplified during translation).
Peter Gvozdják
1st-2nd Prize ex aequo Martin-Zilina 1998-1999

1...Ke6, Kg6 2.Qg4+, f5+

1.Rh7? zz,
1...Ke6, Kg6 2.f5+, Qe4+

1.Rcd3! zz,
1...Ke6, Kg6 2.Qe4+, Qg4+

For the first time Rice cycle in selfmate. Motivation is selfmate-typical, it reaches its top in solution. Excellent construction, interesting and original mechanism worked out by a master leaves strong artistical impression.

s#2 (11+8)

Karol Mlynka
1st-2nd Prize ex aequo Martin-Zilina 1998-1999

1.Rxg5? A th. 2.Rgxd5 C
1...Kf4! a

1.Rg3? B zz,
1...g4 b 2.Rxd5 C
1...Kd4 2.Rg4+

1.Rfxd5! C th. 2.Bxg5
1...Kf4 a 2.Rxg5 A
1...g4 b 2.Rg3 B

Highly esthetical complex of modern themes - changes of functions of both white and black moves in three phases constituing original cycle. Combination of Urania, Salazar and Vladimirov themes is shown with master touch.

s#2 (9+8)

Ladislav Salai jr.
3rd Prize Martin-Zilina 1998-1999

a) 1.h8Q! d3 2.Qd4 d2 3.Qxa7+ Bxa7#

b) 1.h8R! b5 2.Rh4 b4 3.Rxb4! B~#

c) 1.h8B! f4 2.Bd4 f3 3.f3 Bf2 Bxf2#

d) 1.h8S! f5 2.Sg6 f4 3.Sxf4 B~#

Splendidly executed twins with AUW at h8, esthetically coloured by other three corners - wK, bK and mating piece. The hero is in the unit of bp, not only making 8 moves, but also differentiating promotions. The ode to black pawn in 4 acts has premiere. Excellently shown witty idea.

s#3 (7+6)
b) d4 -» b6
c) d4 -» f5
d) d4 -» f6

Eugeniusz Iwanow
Ryszard Kapica

2nd HM Martin-Zilina 1998-1999

1.Qd2! th 2.Re3+ Rxe3 3.Qc3+ Rxc3#
1...Rg4 2.Sg6+ Kxe6 3.Qd6+ Qxd6#
1...Rxg5 2.Sc6+ Ke4+ 3.Qd5+ Rxd5#
(1...Bc2 2.Rf5+ Bxf5 3.Qc3+ Rxc3#)

Unusual black indirect battery after rook defences creates royal batteries that are used by white by ingenious interference of own lines.

s#3 (11+8)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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