Selection from award of Martin - Zilina 1998 - 1999 - moremovers

Judged by Ladislav Salai sr. 3 Prizes, 5 HMs, 4 Comms.

Comments by judge Ladislav Salai sr. (slightly changed and simplified during translation).
Alexandr Pankratiev
1st-3rd Prize ex aequo Martin - Zilina 1998 - 1999

th. 2.Sd3+ Ke4 3.Sxc5+ bxc5 4.Sf2+ Kd4 (Ke3) 5.Sd3+ Ke4 6.Sxc5#
1...Qc8 2.Sh3+ Ke4 3.Sg5+ Sxg5 4.Sf2+ Kd4 (Ke3) 5.Sh3+ Ke4 6.Sxg5#
1...Rc7 2.Sg4+ Ke4 3.Sf6+ Sxf6 4.Sf2+ Kd4 (Ke3) 5.Sg4+ Ke4 6.Sxf6#
1...b3 2.Sd1+ Ke4 3.Sxc3+ Sxc3 4.Sf2+ Kd4 (Ke3) 5.Sd1+ Ke4 6.Sxc3#

Spectacular five-move threat with sacrifice of knight at mating square. International tandem of authors plays analogical attacks subsequently weakening thematical squares c5, c3, g5 and f6. The subject isn't new, but the construction of the sixmover is very impressive.

#6 (10+14)

Jan Rusinek
1st-3rd Prize ex aequo Martin - Zilina 1998 - 1999

1.Be5 Rg3+ 2.Kf1 (2.hxg3? Rh1+ 3.Kxh1 exf5 4.exf5 axb3 5.f6 Da1+ 6.Kg2 Da2+ 7.Kf3 b2) 2...Rf3+ 3.Ke1 Re3+ 4.Kd1 Rd3+ 5.Kc1 Rc3+ 6.Kb1 Rxb3+ 7.Kc1 Rc3+ 8.Kd1 Rd3+ 9.Ke1 Re3+ 10. Kf1 Rf3+ 11.Kg1 Rg3+ 12.hxg3 Rh1+ 13.Kxh1 exf5 14.exf5 a3 15.f6 a2 16.f7#

Successful long march of wK with switchback. The aim of campaign by wK accompanied by bR lies in disabling axb3 defence.

#16 (11+12)

Alessandro Cuppini
1st-3rd Prize ex aequo Martin - Zilina 1998 - 1999

1.Qg7?, 1.Qh4?, 1.Qg8?, 1.Qh6?, 1...Sxb3!

1.Bxd3+? Sxd3 2.d6, Qf7 Se5!, d6!

1.d6! th. 2.Bxd3+ A Sxd3 3.Qxf7+ B Se6 4.Sd2# C
1...Sef3 2.Qxf7+ B Se6 3.Sd2+ C Sxd2 4.Bxd3# A
1...Sdf3 2.Sd2+ C Sxd2 3.Bxd3+ A Sxd3 4.Qxf7# B

Cycle of moves in threat and two variations. It contains 2nd, 3rd, 4th moves of white. Interesting idea for further composition too.

#4 (11+13)

Baldur Kozdon
1st HM Martin - Zilina 1998 - 1999

1.Bd5! (th. 2.Qxf7#, 2.Qxf5#)
1...Sg7 (1...Sd6 2.Bxd6 Rc8+ 3.Ke7 Rg8 4.Qxf5+ Rg5 5.hxg5#)
2.Kxg7 (th. 2.Qxf5#, 2.Qxh6+ Sxh6 3.Sf6#)
4.Kg8 (th. 5.Qxf7#, 5.Qxf5#)

Deceptive chess adventures finished by switchback of key piece. I appreciate motivation of moves. Precise sequence of moves is dynamical, especially after 3rd move Chess beauty isn't extinct.

#6 (7+12)

Alois Johandl
1st Comm Martin - Zilina 1998 - 1999

1.Sc6! th 2. Sd8#
1...dxc6 2.d7! th. 3.d8S#
2...Bc7 3.Bd1! th. 4.Bxg4#
3...Kf5 4.Rd4! th. 5.Bxg4#
4...Bf4 5.Bc2+ Ke6 6.d8S#

After first move the mate by knight appears and it becomes reality after fresh sequence of logical moves, but by promoted pawn. Pity that everything works only with short threats.

#6 (6+6)

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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