Announcement of Macedonian Problemist 2001

Macedonian magazine Macedonian Problemist announces informal tourneys for original chess compositions published during year 2001:

#2Peter Gvozdják
#3John Rice
#nRobert Burger
s#Waldemar Tura
h#2Valerij Gurov
h#n, n>2Bosko Miloseski
fairiesReto Aschwanden
retroJuraj Lörinc

All contributors will get a copy of the magazine in which their problem or other contribution was published, as well as a copy of the issue with the award (regardless whether their problem was honoured or not).

The first-prize winners in each informal and thematic tourney, the best Synthetics solver and the subscribers are entitled to receive all regular and special issues (3-5 per year) - problem book(let)s, tourney awards etc. Subscription could be arranged by contacting Zoran Gavrilovski.

Please, send originals to:
Zoran Gavrilovski
p. fah 137
Skopje MK-1001


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