Announcement of MAT-64 informal tourneys for year 2000

Czech magazine Mat-64 is normal chess monthly (for chess players). From January 2000 it will have also problem "column" on 4 pages. It is interesting piece of place and that's why new Slovak redaction (Brabec, Salai jr., Salai sr., Lörinc) of this column dares to announce very new informal tourneys.

Mat-64 announces informal tourney for original chess compositions published during year 2000 at chess problem pages.

#2Juraj Brabec
#3Bedrich Formánek
#n(to be announced)
+-Sevcik Jan
h#Juraj Lörinc
s#(to be announced)

Authors are asked to send their originals to the following adress:

Ladislav Salai
Kernova 6
036 01 MARTIN

Any other contributions for Mat-64 composition section are welcomed at the following adress:

Juraj Brabec
Svetla 1

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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