My works 93 - 98

Juraj Lörinc
8723 Sachove Umenie 12/1995
Notes: 667 Sent: 93

a) 1.Rxf4=w Rf2 2.Bxc3=w Rb2#
1.Bxf4=w Bd2 2.Rxc3=w Rb3#
b) 1.Rxc3=w Rf3 2.Bxf3=w Bg5#
1.Bxc3=w Be1 2.Rxf4=w Bh4#

Two pairs of analogic solutions but very skinny strategy and poor twinning.

Personal rating: D.

h#2 (3+9)
b) b6 -» e7

Michal Dragoun
Juraj Lörinc

2889 Probleemblad 6/1995
4th HM Probleemblad 1995
Notes: 740 Sent: 94

a) 1.Rxh6(Ra1) Rc1 2.Bg3 Bxe3(Sb8)#
b) 1.gxh6(Ra1) Rh1 2.Rg3 Rxc2(Sg8)#

Nice analogy with rich Strict circe motivation.

Personal rating: C.

h#2 (4+12)
Strict circe
b) add wRc5

Juraj Lörinc
F1603 The Problemist March 1996
dedicated to my mother Anna
5th Comm The Problemist 1996
Notes: 735 Sent: 95

a) 1.Rb2 Sc2 2.Ba4 Re3#
b) 1.Ba4 Sb5 2.Rb2 Bd6#

In this helpmate I again discovered something never seen in works by other authors and impossible in orthodox chess: checkmate by double check with active pin of black piece. Later I published some other works with this theme, this one shows very successful echo diagonal-orthogonal and patrol chess strategy.

Judge Cedric Lytton wrote in the judgement: "Perfect ODT of play with black anticritical moves actively pinning bSf5 (depending on where the wQ is), reciprocal exchange of black 1st/2nd move selfblocks, finally function-exchange by wB/wR in Patrol mates. Attractive, homogeneous and unified, with geometry neatly fitted together, but the (admitteldy inherent) same two black moves, along with the double checkmates, inhibit a higher placing."

Well, I'm ready to accept the argument about repetition of black moves, they are surely a bit boring. But the double checkmates are the core of the problem!!!

Personal rating: A.

h#2 (5+10)
Patrol chess
b) h7 -» h5

Juraj Lörinc
F1647 The Problemist September 1996
1st-2nd Comm e.a. The Problemist 1996
Notes: 730 Sent: 96

1.Ke5 2.Kd5 3.Mc5 4.Kd6 5.Kc7 6.Kb6 7.Kc6 (7.Mb7??) 8.Mb7 Ma7#
1.Ke3 2.Mf2 3.Ke2 4.Kf1 5.Kg2 6.Kg3 7.Kf3 (7.Mg4??) 8.Mg4 Mh4#

Far echo of typical mate - compare to 89.

Personal rating: C.

ser-h#8 (1+2)
Köko Haaner chess
1+1 moose
2 solutions

Juraj Lörinc
HM Springaren Summer Tourney C 15.9.1995
Notes: 743 Sent: 97

a) 1.Kd5-d6 Ge5-c7 2.Kd6-d5 Kd2-d3 3.Kd5-c4 + Kd3-c3 4.Kc4-b3 Kc3-c4#
1.Kd5-d4 Ge5-c3 2.Kd4-e5 Gc3-e1 + 3.Ke5-f4 Ge4-g4 4.Kf4-f3 Kd2-e3#

b) 1.Kd5-c5 Ge4-e6 2.Kc5-d4 Ge5-c3 3.Kd4-e3 + Kd2-e2 4.Ke3-f2 Ke2-e3#
1.Kd5-d4 Kd2-c3 + 2.Kd4-c5 Ge5-b2 3.Kc5-b5 Kc3-b3 4.Kb5-a4 + Kb3-b4#

c) 1.Kd5-d6 Kd2-d3 2.Kd6-d5 Ge4-c2 3.Kd5-c4 + Gc2-c5 + 4.Kc4-b4 Kd3-c3#
1.Kd5-d4 Ge4-e6 2.Kd4-c3 Gh3-b3 + 3.Kc3-b2 Ge5-a1 4.Kb2-b1 Kd2-c1#

After long time some my works placed in award of thematical tourney. This one asked for problems with lone king on one side (Rex Solus). Although at the first sight they may seem uninteresting, my future searches proved the opposite.

Köko seems to be extremely suitable for producing helpmate moremovers with very surprising manoeuvres and finales.

Personal rating: C.

h#4 (4+1)
3+0 grasshoppers
b) g8 -» b6
c) g8 -» h3

Juraj Lörinc
HM Springaren Summer Tourney C 15.9.1995
Notes: 744 Sent: 98

1...Mb2 2.Kc4 Mb3#

1.Kd3 Mc4 2.Ke4 Mg3#
1.Kd4 Mc3 2.Ke3 Mg2#

Transmuting rex solus. 2 echo mates, set mate is in fact their diagonal transformation.

Personal rating: C.

h#2 (3+1)
Black transmuting king
3+0 mooses +

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