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Juraj Lörinc
Retro Mailing List July 1995
Notes: 724 Sent: 82

Thanks to Patrol chess condition it turns out that regardless of side to move black castling is illegal. That's why not
1.O-O-O?? a8Q#,
1.Kd8 Rb3 2.Kc8 Rb8#

Simple showing Patrol chess possibilities in retro. Note reciprocal change of functions pa7/Ra3.

Personal rating: C.

Shortest possible mate? (7+10)
Patrol chess

Juraj Lörinc
2104 Phénix 34/1995
Notes: 736 Sent: 83

a) Last 3 halfmoves: 1.d4xe3 e.p.+! e2-e4 2.d5-d4+
b) 1.d4xe3 e.p.+?? illegal in Patrol chess, but there is 1.O-O+!
c) 1...e2-e4?? illegal in Isardam, but there is 1.c2xBd1S+!

One of my absolute highlights - Valladao task without moving one piece in a very delicate twinning and very good economy (improved thanks to Pascal Wassong, Phénix retros editor).

Personal rating: A.

Last move? (2+9)
a) Orthodox
b) Patrol chess
c) Isardam

Juraj Lörinc
8340 Springaren 64/1996
Notes: 725 Sent: 84

a) 1.Mc5-f4 Mf5-g7 2.Mf4-e7 Mc3-e6 #
1.Ke5-d5 Mc3-d6 2.Kd5-c6 Md7-e5 #
1.Ke5-d4 Mc3-d5 2.Mc5-e6 Mf5-c6 #
b) 1.Mc5-b2 Mc3-b1 2.Ke5*f5 Mf6-e4 #
1.Ke5-d4 Mc3-e4 + 2.Kd4-d3 Me2-d4 #
c) 1.Ke5-d5 Md7-c4 + 2.Kd5-e5 Mf5-d4 #
1.Ke5-e4 Mf5-e3 2.Ke4-f3 Mb3-d4 #
d) 1.Ke5-f5 Mc3-d6 2.Kf5-g6 Md2-e7 #
1.Ke5-d5 Mf6-b3 2.Mc5-b2 Md7-c4 #

Simple play with very powerful combination of fairy elements - köko and mooses.

Personal rating: C.

h#2 (4+2)
4+1 moose
Solutions: a) 3 b) 2 c) 2 d) 2
b) d7 -» e2
c) f6 -» b3
d) f5 -» d2

Juraj Lörinc
8353 Springaren 64/1996
Notes: 728 Sent: 85

1.Kg5 Mh5 2.Kh4 Me8#
1.Kf3 Me8 2.Kg3 Mf8#

Product of my first tries to compose something with symmetric position but asymmetric solutions. My big mistake... Later I tried to achieve more quality, usually successfully.

Personal rating: E.

h#2 (3+1)
Köko, Haaner chess
3+0 mooses

Juraj Lörinc
2303 Phénix 40/1996
3rd Prize Phénix Tanagras 1996
Notes: 722 Sent: 86

1...Ma6-f5 2.Me6-f4 Mf5-e3 3.Mf4-d3 Mb3-e2 #
1...Md1-c5 2.Kd4-c3 Mb3-e7 3.Kc3-b4 Ma6-f5 #

1.Kd4-d5 Md1-c6 + 2.Kd5-e5 Mb3-e7 3.Ke5-f6 Ma6-d7 #
1.Me6-a3 Md1-e5 2.Ma3-b7 Me5-c4 + 3.Kd4-d3 Mb3-c8 #

Absolutely perfect position showing 2 pairs of echoed mates. Mooses in köko at their best! Of course, no big strategy, but who can expect it with such simple material?

Personal rating: A.

h#3 (3+2)
3+1 mooses +

Juraj Lörinc
2214 Phénix 36/1995
Notes: 726 Sent: 87

1...Mc2-f4 + 2.Me4-d6 Md2-c6 3.Kd5-c5 Mc6-d4 #

1.Me4-c5 Mf2-b5 2.Mc5-e6 Mb5-e4 3.Me6-d4 Mc2-e3 #
1.Me4-d6 Md2-c6 2.Kd5-c5 Mc6-b4 3.Md6-c4 Mf2-b3 #
1.Kd5-d4 Md2-b3 2.Kd4-c3 Mc2-f4 3.Kc3-c2 Mb3-d2 #

4 mates, only 2 of them echoed. This achievement I like less than previous (in fact it is worse), but it is not bad.

You can see now I really played with these fairy elements a while and at least I composed something interesting even under such strange combination. My thanks go to authors of Popeye that helped me a lot during testing my ideas.

Personal rating: C.

h#3 (3+2)
3+1 mooses +

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