My works 391 - 396

Juraj Lörinc
1st Comm Mark Ridley 40 JT C 30.11.2004
Notes: C101 Sent: 391

1.SI5a3? zz
1...SCc2~ 2.SIxd2-e2(SIe8)#
1...SCc3~ 2.SIxd3-e3(SIe8)#
1...SCd2~ 2.SIxc2-d2(SId8)#
1...SCd3~ 2.SIxc3-d3(SId8)#

1.SIb1! zz
1...SCc2~ 2.SIxd3-e4(SIe8)#
1...SCc3~ 2.SIxd2-e1(SIe8)#
1...SCd2~ 2.SIxc3-d2(SId8)#
1...SCd3~ 2.SIxc2-d3(SId8)#
1...SCxc4-d5(SCd1)! 2.SIxd1-e1(SIe8)#

Simple change of four variations with combination of Anticirce and marine pieces abilities. It is worth mentioning that this problems uses standard WinChloe convention for combination of locust-like piece + Anticirce in capture. This means that capturing piece is reborn according to the arrival square rather than according to the capture square (standard in Popeye).

Personal rating: C.

#2 (7+6)
2+0 sirene, 0+4 scylla

Juraj Lörinc
11516 Die Schwalbe 195 - June 2002
Notes: C102 Sent: 392

a) 1.Be1? th. 2.LIc1 ~ 3.LIf4#, LIxc6#

1.Bf2! th. 2.LIf4#
1...LIf3? 2.Be1! th. 3.LIc1 ~ 4.LIxc6#

b) 1.Bf2? th. 2.LIf4#

1.Be1! th. 2.LIc1 ~ 3.LIf4#
1...LIxf5 2.LIc1 th. 3.LIf4#, 2...LIf8 3.Bxd2! zz, 3...LIf8~, LIf4!, c5 4.B~#, LIxf4#, LIc6#
1...LIh8? 2.LIb1! th. 3.Jf7#
1...LIf3+? 2.LIf4#

Moves of white bishop exchange their roles of try and key in twin. This is quite usual. But the motivation is not equally usual. There are some lion traps. Try of a) is refuted by check preparation, try of b) is refuted by simple check. Easy logical play of a) is substitued by interesting fight in b) ending in the unexpected zugzwang position. Note reappearance of seemingly lost mate LIc6# after forced move of black pawn. While the composing value of this problem is probably not particularly high, I like its variety.

Personal rating: C.

#4 (6+5)
1+2 lion
b) c5 -» f5

Juraj Lörinc
F2222 The Problemist July 2003
2nd Prize The Problemist 2003/II
Notes: C103 Sent: 393

a) 1.Rc6 nQxh5+ 2.Rf3 nQxb5#

b) 1.Bg6 nQxc7+ 2.Qc4 nQxg3#

Strong geometry. In the diagram position there are two halfpin lines of neutral rose g7 with bK on both on e2 and c3. nQ is pinned by rose b8. B1 unpins neutral queen by interference, at same time this turns one of halfpin into pin. W1 captures on the other halpin line, creating masked battery. Masking piece moves away in B2, creating direct queen battery with ROg7 as rear piece. Neutral queen then moves along long diagonal of octagon and fires the battery, at the same time it selfpins on the other thematic rose line and gives mate by double check.

Echo diagonal-orthogonal of neutral queen moves and other manoeuvres appealed also to the judge - and it is always pleasant to receive high distinction in the tourney of magazine like The Problemist. Even if you consider that problem with such a serial number in magazine simply must be destined for 2nd Prize... :-) (joking)

Personal rating: B.

h#2 (1+12+4)
4 neutral units, 0+1+2 rose
b) e2 -» c3

Juraj Lörinc
10336 Springaren 92, January-December 2003
2nd HM Springaren 2003-2004
Notes: C104 Sent: 394

1.Re3 Kh8! 2.Gg2 nQxd1#

1.ROf1 Kf7! 2.Gg1 nQxe4#

Not surprisingly, this and the previous rose+neutral helpmates were created at about the same time. In both I was striving to have position with single white king and white mating only using neutral pieces.

Here the key are mating moves of neutral queen, opening battery with two roses on the line and selfpinning the queen on other lines of ROa4. This determines mating pictures and required blocks - e3 and g2 with Qd1 and f1 and g1 with Qe4. Black first moves give flights to wK that in turn unpins neutral queen in anticipation, grasshopper moves turn halfpin lines into pin lines. Not bad strategy in my opinion (and judge's as well).

Personal rating: B.

h#2 (1+12+4)
4 neutral units
0+2+3 rose, 0+2+0 grasshopper

Juraj Lörinc
4965 Phénix 142 - VII-VIII/2005
Notes: 981 Sent: 395

1.BLc1? th. 2.BLa3 ~ 3.BLf8 ~ 4.RLa8#

1.BLd2! Bh2 2.BLa5 Bg1 3.BLxe1 Bh2 4.BLa5 Bg1 5.BLd2 Bh2 6.BLh6 Bg1 7.BLc1 Bh2 8.BLa3 Bg1 9.BLf8 Bh2 10.RLa8#

White should not hurry, it is necessary to remove defending rook lion first. Black is otherwise totally powerless, so that the final impression is like that of seriesmovers. But if you look at the problem that way, it does not seem so bad.

Personal rating: C.

#10 (6+9)
2+3 rook lion, 1+1 bishop lion

Juraj Lörinc
4970 Phénix 142 - VII-VIII/2005
Notes: C081 Sent: 396

1.Gd4 ROe3 2.Gb4 Kb5 3.Gb6 Ka6 4.Gg6 ROb6#
1.Gd4 Kc3 2.Gb2 ROa2 3.Gd4 Kb2 4.Gg7 ROc3#

1.Kg6 ROe6 2.Gf6 ROb3 3.Kg7 Kc3 4.Gh8 ROd4#
1.Kg6 Kc5 2.Gb4 ROa5 3.Gd6 Kb6 4.Gh6 ROc6#

Although the initial position looks like simple matter, it was indeed not so easy to find. And the result is very surprising: one diagonal echo and one orthogonal echo of the similar mating picture involving Checkless-typical battery aimed at wK.

Personal rating: B.

h#4 (2+2)
Köko, Checkless chess
rose d5, grasshopper d6
b) d5 -» g5

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