My works 381 - 385

Juraj Lörinc
in memoriam World Trade Center workers
Problemesis 17 - IX 2001
Notes: C094 Sent: 381

1.RLxd7 2.RLxb7 3.RLxd6 4.RLxd5 5.RLxd4 6.RLxd3 7.RLxd2 8.RLxb6 9.RLxb5 10.RLxb4 11.RLxb3 12.RLxb2#

I have the following remark under this position in my files: "Composed 11.9.2001, Bratislava, while I was watching special news about teroristic attacks in the USA, in the memory of victims..." Yes, it was a shaking day for the most people in the Western civilization, or perhaps the whole world except some wrong-minded individuals. Hundreds of innocent people were killed just because they have worked in the towers of WTC (not forgetting the brave firemen). One my friends had called me that day to my work and recommended me to watch TV as in her opinion the third world war had just begun. I went home and, completely stunned, I have seen the fall of both WTC towers... while my friends were watching the news again and again I tried to depict this in the form of ornamental chess problem...

Personal rating: C.

ser-#12 (6+1+12)
Inverse Alphabetic chess
White must capture
5+0 rook lion, 12 neutral pawns

Reto Aschwanden
Juraj Lörinc

dedicated to Werner Issler - 70
4th HM idee & form 2002-2003
Notes: C095 Sent: 382

1.Rxg6(pb2)? th. 2.Re5# A,
1...CAc3~ a, CAf4! b, Sf4 c
2.Sxc7(pf2)# B, VAc4# C, Sd4# D

1.Rxf3(pc2)? th. 2.Sxc7(pf2)# B,
1...CAc3~ a, CAf4! b, Sf4 c
2.Re5# A, Sd4# D, VAc4# C

1.Bxg6(pb2)? th. 2.VAc4# C,
1...CAc3~ a, CAf4! b, Sf4 c
2.Sd4# D, Re5# A, Sxc7(pf2)# B

1.Bxf3(pc2)! th. 2.Sd4# D,
1...CAc3~ a, CAf4! b, Sf4 c
2.VAc4# C, Sxc7(pf2)# B, Re5# A

This scheme based on 4 lines was developed by Reto and he managed to finish it without fairy condition, however on the bigger board. So I have tried to do it on the usual board and it turned out it is possible to do it in a quite unified way. 4x4 reciprocal theme with threat included and also black correction in all phases.

Personal rating: A.

#2 (11+16)
Diametral Circe
0+2 pao, 1+4 vao, 3+1 camelrider

Juraj Lörinc, Reto Aschwanden, HM 8th TT CCM C 15.1.2002, Notes: C096 Sent: 383, fairy h#2 can be found here.

We have developed this problem with Reto during his visit to Bratislava in 2001. By chance he had worked with cyclic Grimshaws shortly before visit (he composed his fairy #2 from the 8th TT CCM). Spending a few evenings together has lead also to one of the rare Reto's helpmates.

Personal rating: C.

Juraj Lörinc
3rd HM Pachl-50 C 31.12.2001
Notes: C098 Sent: 384

1.BHc5? th. 2.LExh2# A
1...RHgd3 a, RHdd3 b, BHd3 c
2.-, LEf7# B, LEc7# C

1.Bc5? th. 2.LEc7# C
1...RHgd3 a, RHdd3 b, BHd3 c
2.LEf7# B, -, LExh2# A

1.NAc5! th. 2.LEf7# B
1...RHgd3 a, RHdd3 b, BHd3 c
2.LEc7# C, LExh2# A, -

Mutual blocks of 3 black grasshoppers joined with departures of hurdles lead to triple le Grand combined with carousel change. The fact I dislike in this position: 2nd try is refuted by bK's move to flight. The facts I like in this position: there are no set mates prepared in the initial position (based on potential flight e4) and that is why all three keys are to the same square c5.

Personal rating: B.

#2 (9+5)
1+0 leo, 4+0 nao
0+2 rookhopper, 1+1 bishopper

Juraj Lörinc
3rd Comm 4th TT Quartz C 1.9.2002
Notes: C099 Sent: 385

poseidon - marine king

1...POc8 2.POd6 SIc6+ 3.POc7 SIa8+ 4.POb8+ POd7#, POd8#

1.POd8 POa7 2.POc8 POa6 3.POb8 SIa8+ 4.POa7+ POa5#, POb5#

The 4th TT Quartz was dedicated to helpselfmates. I have chosen this combination of fairy elements as shortly before making this problem I was playing with marine pieces quite a lot - for the other theme tourney. Here you can find echo of final position between set play and solution. Pf7 has two functions: by guarding e6 the set play is attained and of course, it prevents check in the initial position.

Personal rating: C.

hs#4* (1+3)
1+1 poseidon, 0+1 sirene

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