My works 376 - 380

Juraj Lörinc
1247 Best Problems 32 - X-XII 2004
Notes: C053 Sent: 376

1.Sf1! zz
1...gxf1Q(Qd8) 2.Qxd8(Qd1) Bxf2(Bf8)#
1...gxf1R(Ra8) 2.Qxa8(Qd1) Bxf2(Bf8)#
1...gxf1B(Bc8) 2.Qxc8(Qd1) Bxf2(Bf8)#
1...gxf1S(Sg8) 2.Qxg8(Qd1) Bxf2(Bf8)#

I composed this selfmate originally for Anticirce s#2 tourney of Wola Gulowska. White Queen is placed so that there is no set check by bishop capture, the key pins bishop in an Anticirce way, but allows AUW. Meredith with such a content is acceptable, although the play in variations shows nothing particularly interesting, mere captures of promoted pieces on different squares thanks to Anticirce.

Personal rating: D.

s#2 (7+5)
Anticirce type Cheylan

Juraj Lörinc
4587 Phénix 128 - IV 2004
Notes: C075 Sent: 377

2.Kf4+ SCf3+ 3.Kg4 SCg5 4.Kh4 Kf4 5.SCf6 SCh3#

1...Kd5 2.SCe5+ SCe2+ 3.Kd2 Kd4+ 4.Kd1 Kd3 5.SCf3 SCc1#

This very fairy helpmate was composed for Mark Ridley 40 JT, in tanagra it is quite OK to reach 2 very far echo model mates.

Personal rating: D.

h#4,5* (2+2)
1+1 scylla

Juraj Lörinc
4th Prize Pachl-50 C 31.12.2001
Notes: C091 Sent: 378

1.Kd6-c5? th. 2.RLb5-g5# A
1...NLg8-e4+ a 2.Kc5-g3# D
1...NLc1-e5 b 2.RLe8-e2# B
1...NLh7-d5 c 2.BLb7-g2# C

1.Kd6-c6? th. 2.BLb7-g2# C
1...NLg8-e4 a 2.RLe8-e2# B
1...NLc1-e5+ b 2.Kc6-g4# E
1...NLh7-d5 c 2.RLb5-g5# A

1.Kd6-e7! th. 2.RLe8-e2# B
1...NLg8-e4 a 2.BLb7-g2# C
1...NLc1-e5 b 2.RLb5-g5# A
1...NLh7-d5+ c 2.Ke7-c3# F

Interesting problem both from the point of view of changes as well as that of strategy. White wants to mate by antibattery, with NLa4 or RLg7 as a rear pieces. However, in the initial position no white unit might enter the lines aiming at bK, moreover, even if Black played thematical defences in the diagram position, it would not lead to mate as all white lions b5, b7 and e8 are pinned by nightrider locusts from behind. So the keys have all at least double effects: they simultaneously unpin these lions and enter one of their lines, thus threatening the mates. Black defences then switch the lines and allow usual lion-type Le Grands, the remaining defence in the respective phases check wK by antibattery. White transmuting king then uses the newly acquired power and mates himself. I like this scheme and the judge, the jubilee, was bold enough to award the problem the Prize in his tourney of the high quality.

Personal rating: B.

#2 (9+15)
transmuting king d6, 3+0 rook lion
1+0 bishop lion, 2+8 nightrider lion (a4)
2+3 nightrider locust (i1)

Juraj Lörinc
1013 harmonie 78, June 2004
Notes: C092 Sent: 379

1.nGe1 nGxd7 2.nRc5 nGh7#

1.nGb8 nGxd4 2.nBc5 nGh7#

One of many h#2 composed in the same era in 2001, when I was playing with neutral units for some time. Here we can see echo diagonal-orthogonal with exchange of functions between neutral grasshoppers b4 and b5, the irreversible moves are simple jumps away by grasshoppers from the neutral battery.

Personal rating: C.

h#2 (1+10+5)
rose a4, 2+0 grasshopper, 5 neutral units

Juraj Lörinc
2nd HM L. Grolman 60 JT C 30.12.2001
Notes: C093 Sent: 380

1.Sh3 nQa7 2.Bxf6 nGg8#

1.Bh3 nBe3 2.Bxg3 nGb6#

And that is another h#2 with neutral pieces, one of two selected ones that I have sent to JT Grolman. The themes shown include echange of functions nQ-nB (guarding b2 - guarding d4) and nG-nG (captured - opening battery line), nautral Zilahi, model mates, anticipatory line closing (in the first black move), anti antibattery unguarding (in the second black move). Not bad result, despite 21 pieces on the board.

Personal rating: B.

h#2 (1+13+7)
rose c8 - h5, 0+3+2 grasshopper, 7 neutral units

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