My works 368 - 371

Juraj Lörinc
9384 Thema Danicum 114 - April 2004
Notes: 864 Sent: 368

1...Kh3{Ic1} 2.Qc2{Id1}+ Kg3{Ic1} 3.Rh6{Id1} Kh4{Ie2} 4.Qc3{Ie3}#
1...Kh5{Ic3} 2.Sf7{Ia2} Kh4{Ia1} 3.Rg8{Ia3} Kh5{Ia4} 4.Rg5{Ia1}#
1...Kg5{Ib3} 2.Qa1{Ia2} Kh4{Ib1} 3.Qc1{Id1} Kg5{Ic2} 4.Ke1{Id1}#
       2...Kh5{Ib2} 3.Ke1{Ic1} Kg5{Ib1} 4.Qc1{Id1}#
(1...Kg3{Ib1} 2.Kc2{Ia1} Kh3{Ib1} 3.Qa2{Ia1}#, 2...Kg4{Ia2} 3.Qb8{Ia8}#)

Precise white play in 3 full-length variations after the key taking 1 and giving 4 flights.

Personal rating: D.

#4 (7+5+1)
imitator b1

Juraj Lörinc
Dirk Borst

R251 Probleemblad 4 - VII-VIII 2004
Notes: 852 Sent: 369

+ VAe6, f7, f1, g2, h3

+ VAc4, d7, e6, f5, g4

+ VAe2, f3, f5, g4, h3

Once upon a time there was a theme tourney of Phénix dedicated to illegal and legal clusters. I have sent two problems there. One of them was terribly cooked, the other one is presented here. It did not appear in the award, but no cook was claimed by expert retro solvers. I saw only a pair of solutions and was quite satisfied to send it to the informal tourney of Probleemblad. Dirk Borst managed to find 3 solutions, however! As no further efforts revealed any other solution, we decided to publish it as a joint problem. Not surprisingly, the cook is similar to my intended solutions, nevertheless, it is different enough to improve the intention. We will see the reaction of solvers...

... and yes, solvers had found some cooks... e.g. + VAc2, d3, e6, f5, h3. Pity!

Personal rating: E.

Illegal cluster (1+1)
Add 5 white vaos
3 solutions

Juraj Lörinc
322 Pat a Mat 35 - December 2001
4th HM Pat a Mat 2001
Notes: C083 Sent: 370

a) 1.Nd5+ nNa4 2.Ne5+ nNexc5#

b) 1.Nd7+ nNg2 2.Nbf6+ nNbxf4#

In the summer of 2001 I was for a while experimenting with neutral units. I was inspired by JT of L. Grolman, that was dedicated to fairy h#2 with very wide set of possible fairy elements, but every author might have sent only 2 works. That's why I limited myself to the following type of problems: h#2 with the only white unit, wK. I tried to explore and even to classify various kinds of final mating move delivered by neutral units. Of course, it should be irreversible for Black. Here mates are given by the pair of neutral nightriders pinning one another.

Personal rating: C.

h#2 (1+9+4)
0+4+0 pao, 0+0+2 vao, 0+2+2 nightrider
4 neutral units
b) c3 -» h8

Juraj Lörinc
370 Quartz 19 - Jan-Mar 2002
4th Comm Quartz 2002
Notes: C084 Sent: 371

1.Kc3 nPAc8+ 2.Kd4 d8nPA#

1.Kb4 nVAe7+ 2.Ka5 d8nVA#

The irreversibility ot the mating moves is ensured by the mere fact of promotion. You cannot "unpromote" pawn. But there is a second feature of mates that provoked quite reluctant reaction of Quartz editor. He pointed, after receiving the helpmate for publication, that mates are quite artificial and uneconomical - I could have used e.g. bp on d5 and save nVA in the first solution etc. My point was that I wanted to emphasize the immobilization aspect of mates - black chinese pieces cannot move laterally with respect to the mating line as there would be illegal selfcheck. For me cute diagonal-orthogonal correspondence, however, I understand the point.

Personal rating: C.

h#2 (1+6+4)
0+2+1 pao, 0+1+1 vao
4 neutral units

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