My works 353 - 357

Juraj Lörinc
2nd HM Cupa Federatiei Romane de Sah 2002
Notes: C059 Sent: 353

1.Kxe5 Rg2 2.Kd4 Rxb2 3.Kc3 Kc1 4.Bd4 Rxb3#

1.Kxe6 Sf7 2.Ke7 Sd6+ 3.Kf8 Re7 4.Bg7 Re8#

I was quite surprised seeing all the successes of this fourmove helpmate. I don't speak about honourable mention received in romanian competition, but about its difficulty for solving that required a lot of efforts of all solvers I've shown it to. Of course, it was at Bratislava circle, but also in Vienna and at some other ocassions. The content is not bad, but a bit humble. Captures of white pieces and blocking by bishop after march of black king into mating net.

Personal rating: C.

h#4 (4+6)

Juraj Lörinc
3rd HM M. Gordian 100 MT C 1.8.2001
Notes: C060 Sent: 354

1.Qa8? zz
1...Nb1~ 2.Qc8+ Nd7#
1...Ng1~ 2.Qe8+ Ne7#

1.Qa7? zz
1...Nb1~ 2.Qd7+ Nxd7#
1...Ng1~ 2.Qe7+ Nxe7#

1.Qd4! zz
1...Nb1~ 2.Qe5+ Nxe5#
1...Ng1~ 2.Qd5+ Nxd5#

CCM has already published a selection from an award of M. Gordian 100 MT. Some works were good, some not so good, surely there are much wider possibilities in the given fairy field. I rate my own entry as "not so good" despite presence of Zagorujko, as it is very formal change. No special Black motivation, just zugzwang openings black halfbattery and different positions of white queen ensure different white continuations.

Personal rating: C.

s#2 (10+8)
2+2 nightrider

Juraj Lörinc
323 Mat-64 19 - 7/2001
Notes: C061 Sent: 355

1.Se3+ Nh4 2.Rd4 Nf6#

1.Sf5+ Nf1 2.Bd4 Nbd2#

2x2 blocks by Black, one of pairs forms also Grimshaw. In the meantime White nightriders reciprocally unpins themselves and give model mates. In my opinion good geometry and construction.

Personal rating: B.

h#2 (5+7)
3+0 nightrider, 0+2 rook lion

Juraj Lörinc
3rd Comm MT Grünenwald C 31.12.2001
Notes: C062 Sent: 356

a) 1...Rf1 2.Nd6 Rxd4 3.Ke6 Re4#

b) 1...Rc1 2.Qe6 Nxd4 3.Kd6 Nf5#

MT Grünenwald was dedicated to any problems using grasshopper and/or nightriders. I dedicated quite a lot of time to various ideas, but as I learned after the publication of the award, the number of submitted problems by various composers wasn't so high as I expected, only 37. My entries were quite successful, I got 4 distinctions. This one has no grasshopper present, 2 nightriders play main role and there is the only cookstopper, Ba4. I remember I composed it during on of my visits to parents' house.

Personal rating: C.

h#2,5 (5+5)
1+1 nightrider
b) b6 -» g4

Juraj Lörinc
4180 Phénix 113 - December 2002
Notes: C065 Sent: 357

1.Nf5 Gxf5(Nf1) 2.Ke3 Gc4 3.Kd3 Gc2 4.Nb3 Gc5 5.Nxd4(Nd8) Nb4#

1.Kxd4(Nd8) Gc4 2.Kc3 Nb4 3.Kb3 Ga3 4.Nd3 Gc5 5.Nxb4(Nb8) Nd4#

This composition appeared in the process of composing efforts for the Grünenwald MT (it is mentioned above and will be in some next file). I was again trying Köko & Maximummer combination that I've used already many times and that still fascinates me because of the incredible possibilities it offers for various composing aims. Also White Maximummer in helpplay was used by me not for the first time, the most strategical use beeing probably h#3 from 1996. But the best came only later, when I changed black nightrider into rook and added Black Maximummer too for the full Double Maximummer... Of course, as a minimum for these days, there is an echo here.

Personal rating: C.

h#5 (3+2)
Köko, Circe, White Maximummer
1+1 nightrider, 2+0 grasshopper

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