My works 338 - 342

Juraj Lörinc
36 Pat a Mat 32 - March 2001
Notes: C040 Sent: 338

1.Rc4? th. 2.Bxe2+ dxe2#

1.Rc5? th. 2.Bxe2+ dxe2#

1.g7! th. 2.g8Q! ~ 3.Qg2+ hxg2#
1...Ra8, Ra7 2.Rc4! ~ 3.Bxe2+ dxe2#
1...Rb8, Rb7 2.Rc5! ~ 3.Bxe2+ dxe2#

Very simple logical selfmate. It was composed for the international match with Ukraine. Fortunately we (Slovakia) had much better problems in this section and we in fact won all the four sections of the match. Then I published it only because Pat a Mat lacked in these days orthodox selfmate originals.

Personal rating: D.

s#3 (7+12)

Juraj Lörinc
"Millennium Eve"
1st HM 3rd TT Pat a Mat C 31.3.2001
Notes: C041 Sent: 339

1.ALc4 LIf3-h5 2.RHb2 LId5-b3#

1.RHb2 LId5-h5 2.RHc3 LIb1-b3#

1.RHc3 LIb1-f5 2.ALc4 LIf3-b3#

3rd TT of Pat a Mat was announced thanks to my initiative as I worked there as an editor responsible for helpmates, selfmates, fairies and retros. I was temporarily interested in helpmates with exactly 3 solutions and the tourney asked for these with cyclical theme of some kind. There were 2 sections, both judged by Michal Dragoun (see the announcement).

The outcome was only moderate and I found surprisingly myself to be the winner of the fairy section. The present helpmate isn't bad, it shows the cycle of black moves, all antibattery unpins of white lions that cyclically change their functions. But as Michal rightly pointed, the mechanism is known in a slightly different form in orthodox helpmates as well.

What is interesting here, it is its composing time. I've done it exactly on December 31st of 2000. My parents were watching TV and I was composing (as almost usually). The title offered itself naturally...

Personal rating: B.

h#2 (7+8)
0+4 rookhopper, 1+1 bishopper, 0+1 alfil, 3+0 lion

Juraj Lörinc, 2nd Comm 6th TT CCM C 1.4.2001 - helpmate section, Notes: C042 Sent: 340, fairy h#2 can be found here.

Here I can explain how I could find such a crazy idea. I started with the Vogtlaender chess mating position of type bRa8, bBe8, wKa4. I added Patrol chess and black lion that uses wK as a hurdle. This provided me desired antibattery as it is antifired by wK's mating move. I noticed it is in a sense paradoxical as bR serves as patrolled unit in one direct and as patrolling unit in the other. Then I only had to search for the other position with starring bB, diagonal one, and for the right place on the board. Fortunately, it was possible to make it in a perfect echo diagonal-orthogonal on the usual board.

Personal rating: B.

Juraj Lörinc
5th Comm Springaren Christmas Tourney C 1.3.2001
Notes: C043 Sent: 341

1.Ra2 Se7 2.Ra5 Sc8#
1.Rc2 Sc7 2.Rc5 Sxa8#
1.Rh7 Sc5 2.Rc7 Sa4#

1.Qd2 Se7 2.Qa5 Sc8#
1.Qf2 Sc7 2.Qc5 Sxa8#
1.Qxe5 Sc5 2.Qc7 Sa4#

This thematical seasonal tourney asked for problem with twinning by changing queen into rook or bishop (or vice versa, it's not important). I used the simplest idea - queen is more mobile, but can check if it used rook path. I managed at least to triple this idea (that evidently appeared many times among competing entries) and it secured on of the lowest distinctions - but at least something...

Personal rating: C.

h#2 (6+6)
black Queen h2

Juraj Lörinc
11406 Die Schwalbe February 2002 (Heft 193)
Notes: C046 Sent: 342

1...PAf2 2.LEbc5#
1...PAg3 2.LEdc5#
1...PAg4 2.PAc5#

1.Gxb7! th. 2.Gd7#
1...PAf2 2.LEbc6#
1...PAg3 2.LEdc6#
1...PAg4 2.PAc6#

Change of 3 variations between set and actual play with unified and clearcut motivation. All variations contain the same black error, antibattery activation of line resulting in Somov mate (also known as theme B1). In set play wG stands on b5, in solution it is moved to b7, it precises the square where all antibattery mates are given. The defence motive of all defences is the same random departure of PAg2 pins wGb7, however, there is no random mate as the error is always of arrival type rather than of departure type.

By the way, it is a problem 04 mentioned by Thomas Maeder in his award of our antibattery TT - 6th TT CCM.

Personal rating: C.

#2 (14+10)
2+1 grasshopper (b5), 2+2 pao
2+0 leo, 5+2 vao

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