My works No. 2-5

Juraj Lörinc
2482 Nedelna Pravda 22.11.1991
Notes: 517 Sent: 2

1.d3! threats 2.Qc4#
1...(p)b5, Qxc3, Rg4, Ba6, Se3
2.Qa7, Rxc3, Be7, Sd7, (p)d4#
(1...Rb4 2.Qxb4#)

Cycle of playing pieces, the same defence motive.

Personal rating: E.

#2 (9+12)

Juraj Lörinc
1st Comm Memorial Klüver C 28.10.1991
Notes: 525 Sent: 3

Black took his king from chessboard and hid him. White didn't pay enough attention to it, but now he has to mate in one!

1.Bxe5!!#, because black king could stay on 13 squares: a1, b2, h2, g3, f4, f6, g7, c8-h8. Regardless of exact location, black is surely mated.

In fact not joke but Kriegspiel problem... But in these times I knew very few about different fairies. My first awarded work!

Personal rating: C.

#1 (8+8)
Joke problem

Juraj Lörinc
2490 Nedelna Pravda 20.12.1991
Notes: 518 Sent: 4

1.Be1 Kb8 2.Qd5 Kc7 3.Bb4 Bxb6#
1.Bc6+ Ka6 2.Qd5 Ka5 3.Bd6 Bxb6#

My first helpmate, echo mates, I liked (and still like) also the tempo manoevre in first solution.

Personal rating: C.

h#3 (2+6)

Juraj Lörinc
2489 Nedelna Pravda 20.12.1991
3rd HM and 1st Prize for Beginner Pravda 1990/91
Notes: 531 Sent: 5

(1.Qd3? th. 2.Qd5#, 1...Rxe4 2.Qb5#, 1...Rh5!)
1.Qa4? th. 2.Qb5#, 1...bxa3!
1.Qd1? th. 2.Qd5#, 1...Rxe4! (1...Rh5 2.Qxh5#)
1.Sc3! th. Sa4#, 1...bxa3, Rxe4 2.Qb5, Qd5#

Dombrovskis theme with one additional try that introduces change and transfering of mate. Scheme composed in bus from Bratislava to Dubnica.

Personal rating: C (but probably my best orthodox twomover - ack!).

#2 (tries) (9+7)

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