My works 210 - 216

Juraj Lörinc
1st Prize 2nd TT Quartz C 31.4.1998
(version September 2002)
Notes: 926 Sent: 210

a) 1.Bf6 2.Qxc6 3.Qxc2(gpc6) 4.Bxe5 5.Bf4(gSe5) 6.Qxd3(gpc2)+ gSxd3#

b) 1.Rf5 2.Qxd3 3.Qxd5(gpd3) 4.Rxe5 5.Re7(gSe5) 6.Qxc6(gpd5)+ gSxc6#

Full analogy of two solutions with strong elements of echo diagonal-orthogonal, in fact almost such echo. In both mates, three black ghosts (2 pawns, knight) cannot be captured by white royal knight. Thematical use of white royal piece.

After receiving my copy of WinChloe I noticed in the database that ... this my problem was known to be cooked in part b): 1.Rf3 2.Rxd3 3.Rxd5(gpd3) 4.Rxe5(gpd5) 5.Re7(gSe5) 6.Qxc6+ gSxc6#. Well, I believe it can be easily cured...

... and indeed I did it by adding black pe3.

Personal rating: B.

ser-s#6 (5+9)
Ghost chess
royal knight b4
b) -pg7

Juraj Lörinc
Jozef Barani

10154 Die Schwalbe October 1998
Notes: 915 Sent: 211

1.Ke4 2.Kd5 3.Kc5 4.Gxb6 5.Kb5 6.Ga5 7.Ka6 8.Rb5 e7#

1.Rh5 2.Kf5 3.Gg5 4.Kxe6 5.Kf6 6.Gg7 7.Kg6 8.Kxh6 b7#

Extended Zilahi (both white units forming battery in one phase are captured in second phase and vice versa). Three black pieces block and bK walks into mating net. Interesting analogy for relatively long series helpmate with 2 solutions.

This joint composition appeared as a result of my work as an editor for Pat a Mat. Jozef was beginner in these days and has sent in the position with one solution only, Moreover it was cooked. But the mate itself was interesting, battery mate and I was experimenting a lot with adding other one, similar. I suceeded, but as I prefer not to publish my works in PaM if the works by other authors are available, I sent it to Die Schwalbe. For some reason, judge of competition, Hans Peter Rehm didn't like it enough to include it in award. Never mind...

Personal rating: B.

ser-h#8 (5+7)
1+2 grasshopper
2 solutions

Juraj Lörinc
Problem Observer 1998
Notes: 910 Sent: 212

a) 1.Rxh2 RHc8 2.Rh6 Bh2 3.Re6 Be5#

b) 1.Rxc4 RHh6 2.Rc6 Sc4 3.Re6 Se5#

Antibattery mates reguard squares that became flights after 2nd white moves. These are Umnov moves and are possible thanks to annihilation of white rookhoppers by black rooks.

Personal rating: C.

h#3 (7+6)
3+0 rookhopper
b) c7 -» h5

Juraj Lörinc
10095 Die Schwalbe August 1998
4th Comm Die Schwalbe 1998
Notes: 898 Sent: 213

1...rFb5 2.Kd2 rFc6 3.Kc3 NHb5 4.Kd4 LId5 5.Ke5 LIb7 6.Kf6 rFd5 7.Kg7 rFe6 8.Kh8 rFf7#

1...LIf1 2.Ke3 NHf5 3.Kd4 NHb3 4.Kc5 NHd7 5.Kc4 LIb5 6.Kc3 LIe8 7.Kb2 LIb5 8.Ka1 rFb3#

Far corner echo. First solution has less interesting moves, but is more surprising as the mate is given very far from initial position of white royal fers.

Personal rating: C.

h#7,5 (3+1)
royal fers a4, lion d3, nightrider-hopper d1

Juraj Lörinc
Jozef Barani

7387 feenschach 128 - 1998
Notes: 927 Sent: 214

a) 1.Sc5 2.Rxc3 3.Rc1 4.Re1 5.Sa4 (5.Sd7?) 6.Bxf4+ Sxf4#

b) 1.Sd6 2.Bxf4 3.Bg3 4.Be1 5.Sc8 (5.Sc4?) 6.Rxc3+ Sxc3#

Fine analogy of two solutions, wel, fine or not? NO! In b) Gd8 closes line of black rose hopper to f3 (f7-d8-b7-a5-b3-d2-f3), so there is no solution. Pity - but I believe it can be corrected, may be not so easily.

Personal rating: D.

ser-s#6 (9+7)
1+4 grasshopper, 0+1 rose hopper
b) f1 -» d8

Juraj Lörinc
7407 feenschach 128 - 1998
Prize feenschach Hilfsspiel 1998
Notes: 918 Sent: 215

1.rSSc3 rGb4 2.Gb3 Ga3+ 3.Gb5 Gc5+ 4.Ga4 Ga5#

1.rSSd3 rGd4 2.Ge4 rGd2 3.rSSf2 Ge3 4.Gd3 rGd4#

1.rSSf4 rGg5 2.Ge5 Ge4 3.rSSg6 rGd5 4.Gf4 rGf5#

The comments of solvers weren't very positive, but I had (unintentional) luck in the person of judge - the tourney was judged by Václav Kotesovec, who is expert on 3-fold echos. For some reason he specially liked this work and gave me the (only) prize.

Personal rating: C.

h#4 (2+3)
1+2 grasshopper, royal grasshopper d2
royal spiralspringer d5

Juraj Lörinc
7386 feenschach 128 - 1998
Notes: 924 Sent: 216

Intention: a) 1.Gxd1? th. 2.Gxd4#
1...sRb8-d6-e7-f5-g6 2.Gxa4#
1.Gxa4? th. 2.Gxd1#
1...sRb8-d6-e7-f5-g6 2.Gxd4#
1.Gxd4? th. 2.Gxa4#
1...sRb8-d6-e7-f5-g6 2.Gxd1#

b) 1.Gxd4? th. 2.Gxd1#
1...sRb8-d6-e7-f5-g6 2.Gxa4#
1.Gxd1? th. 2.Gxa4#
1...sRb8-d6-e7-f5-g6 2.Gxd4#
1.Gxa4? th. 2.Gxd4#
1...sRb8-d6-e7-f5-g6 2.Gxd1#

Complete Djurasevic cycle doubled a la Loustau&Rotenberg. But there are many mistakes - I can't believe now that I didn't see that tries in fact cook... So I tried to correct this for Cyclone, but I'm not very sure about result... I hate this my twomover...

Personal rating: E.

#2 (12+12)
Patrol chess
6+0 grasshopper, siamese rook c8-e6-f7-g5-h6

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