My works 194 - 198

Juraj Lörinc
Diagrammes 120 - 1997
Notes: 769 Sent: 194

a) 1...Gg7-a1 2.Qa8xa1 [+wGa8] Ga8-e4+ 3.Kd5xe4 [+wGe8] Ge8-e3 4.Qa1-c1 Gf3-d5 5.Qc1-c6 Gd5-b7 6.Qc6-c1 Gb7-b1 7.Qc1xe3 [+wGe8] Gb1-f5 8.Qe3-a3 Ge8-e3 9.Qa3xe3 [+wGe8] Ge8xe3 [+bQd8] 10.Qd8-d2 Gb2-e2+ 11.Ke4-f3 Gf5-f2 12.Qd2-d4 Ge2-g4 13.Qd4xg4 [+wGg8] Gg8-g3 14.Qg4-d4 Gg3-e1 15.Qd4-d1 Ge1-e4 16.Qd1-d5 Gf2-d4 17.Qd5-f5 Ge4-g2 18.Qf5-c5 Gd4-b6 19.Qc5xe3 [+wGe8] Ge8-e2 20.Qe3-g1 Gg2-d2 21.Qg1-c5 Gb6-d4 22.Qc5-c1 Gd2-d5 23.Qc1-c6 Gd5-g2 24.Qc6-c3 Gg2-d2 25.Qc3-e3 Gd4-d1#

b) 1.Qc6-c1 Gb2-h8 2.Qc1-h6 Gf3-c6 3.Qh6xc6 [+wGc8] Gh8-b8 4.Qc6-h6 Gb8-d8 5.Qh6-c6 Gd8-d4 6.Qc6-h6 Gg7-c3 7.Qh6-d2 Gc8-c2 8.Qd2xd4 [+wGd8] Gd8xd4 [+bQd8] 9.Qd8-d6 Gc3-e5 10.Qd6-f6 Gd4xf6 [+bQd8] 11.Qd8xf6 [+wGf8] Gf8-f5+ 12.Kd5-e4 Gf5-d3+ 13.Ke4xd3 [+wGd8] Gd8-d2 14.Qf6-d6 Ge5-c7 15.Qd6-b6 Gc7-c1 16.Qb6-b1 Gc1-e3 17.Qb1-e1 Gd2-f4 18.Qe1-b1 Gc2-e4 19.Qb1-c2 Ge4xc2 [+bQd8] 20.Qd8-g5 Gf4-h6 21.Qg5xe3 [+wGe8] Ge8-e2 22.Qe3-c1 Gc2-f2 23.Qc1-g5 Gh6-f4 24.Qg5-g1 Gf2-f5 25.Qg1-g6 Gf5-c2 26.Qg6-g3 Gc2-f2 27.Qg3-e3 Gf4-f1#

Two symmetrical positions with longest solutions that I have found for this special combination of fairy elements.

Personal rating: B.

h#24,5 (3+2)
Circe, Köko, Double Maximummer
3+0 grasshopper
b) a8 -» c6

Juraj Lörinc
7012 feenschach 119 - 1996
Notes: 756 Sent: 195

1.Mac3 Gb2 2.Mb1 Gb4 3.rMc4 Gd4 4.Mb2 Ga1 5.Md2+ Gc3##

1.rMb1 Gb2+ 2.rMc3 rGd3 3.Mc1+ Ga2 4.Mb3 Gb4 rMa4 rGa3##

Personal rating: D.

h##5 (3+3)
3+0 grasshopper, 0+3 moose, royal pieces b3 - a3
board 4x4

Juraj Lörinc
7011 feenschach 119 - 1996
Notes: 766 Sent: 196

1...Md3 2.rEAd1 rMb2+ 3.rEAc3+ rMa4+ 4.EAc4 Mb2 5.EAa3+ Mb4##

1...Ma2 2.rEAc2 Mc3 3.EAc4 Mb3 4.EAa4 Mb1 5.EAa2 rMa3##

Pure chameleon echo.

Personal rating: C.

h##4,5 (3+2)
3+0 moose, 0+2 eagle, royal pieces c4 - b3
board 4x5

Juraj Lörinc
178 Variant Chess 24 - 1997
Comm Variant Chess 1997-1998
Notes: 813 Sent: 197

1.Ke4 Kg4 2.LIe3 LIh1 3.LId3 Sf3#

1.Ke5 Sf5 2.LIf7 Kh6 3.Kf6 Sg7#

Pure chameleon echo with not so simple transformation.

Personal rating: C.

h#3 (3+3)
1+2 lion

Juraj Lörinc
187 Variant Chess 24 - 1997
Notes: 858 Sent: 198

1.Ree5! zz
1...Rxg7$ 2.Re8$+! (2.Rhf5$+?) cxb3$#
1...Bxg7$ 2.Rhf5$+! (2.Re8$+?) cxb3$#

According to my notes this should be some kind of dual avoidance, but I admit I remember nor the definition of fairy condition (it was introduced in Variant Chess 23) nor the meaning of the special $ notation. It was something with capturing knights and giving the power of their movement to just moved pieces. It seems I'll have to do some search at home...

Personal rating: C.

s#2 (9+7)
Knight Spirits

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