My works 186 - 193

Juraj Lörinc
F1823 The Problemist November 1998
Notes: 863 Sent: 186

1.Ke5 Ge6 2.Kd5 Gc4 3.Kc6 Gc5#

1.Ke6 Ge7 2.Kd6 Gc5 3.Kc7 Gc6#

1.Ke7 Ge8 2.Kd7 Gc6 3.Kc8 Gc7#

1.Kg5 Gh6 2.Kf6 Ge6 3.Kxe6(Gc8) Ge5#

4-fold echo of fairy mate. Fourth solution with very different way of reaching the mate was easy to avoid, but I think it freshens the problem and 4-fold echo is nice achievement.

Personal rating: B.

Unfortunately, this one was misprinted in magazine, condition Circe was missing.

h#3 (2+1)
2+0 grasshopper, transmuting king f6

Juraj Lörinc
F1771 The Problemist March 1998
Notes: 897 Sent: 187

1.Kb5 NHa7 2.Kc5 LIc6 3.Kd6 LIg6 4.Ke5 NHg4 5.Kd4 rFc2 6.Kc3+ rFd1 7.Kb2 LIg2 8.Ka1 rFc2#

1.Kd4 rFc2 2.Ke3 NHf5 3.Kd4 NHb3 4.Kc5 NHd7 5.Kb4 LIa4 6.Ka3 LIe8 7.Ka2 LIb5 8.Ka1 rFb3#

Echo with diagonal mirror of mating pictures.

Personal rating: C.

h#8 (3+1)
royal fers b1, lion c4, nightrider-hopper d1

Juraj Lörinc
PS808 Problemist Supplement September 1998
Notes: 895 Sent: 188

1...Kd3 2.Ke6 NHf8 3.Kd7 NHb6 4.Kc8 Kc4 5.LIb8 NHd2 6.Kb7 Kc5 7.Ka8 Kb6#

1...Kf5 2.Ke7 NHh6 3.Kf7 NHd8 4.Kf8 Ke6 5.LIg8 NHf4 6.Kg7 Kf5 7.Kh8 Kg6#

Far echo in near corners - I hope it is precise and correct description :-) Use of lion instead of grasshopper is justified by existence of cook caused by grasshopper weaknesses (lion is much stronger animal in real life too).

Personal rating: B.

h#6,5 (2+2)
nightrider-hopper d4, lion e8

Juraj Lörinc
8th HM 1st TT Variant Chess C 31.12.1997
Notes: 810 Sent: 189

1st TT Variant chess asked for any kind of chess problems having at most 2 pieces on board. Many interesting ideas appeared in tourney and I was happy to obtain 2nd Prize and some other distinctions. On the other hand I was slightly disappointed by relatively low placing of present retro:

Retract 1.Kg2-h1 Ke2xRe1(Ke8), then 1.Kf2 Re8#

You may consider this retractor to be only simple puzzle, but I like it very much. Not forgetting about long time needed to find right position for all pieces, you can see "model middle-board Anticirce specific battery mate". Pretty unexpected, eh?

Personal rating: A.

White and black retract one move for h#1 (1+1)

Juraj Lörinc
Comm 1st TT Variant Chess C 31.12.1997
Notes: 866 Sent: 190

1.Kc4[+bPd3] MAd2[+wPf3] 2.Kd5[+bPc4] MAb1[+wPd2] 3.Ke5[+bPd5] MAc3 4.Kd4[+bPe5] MAa4[+wPc3]#

1.Ke4[+bPd3] MAh4[+wPf3] + 2.Ke5[+bPe4] MAg2[+wPh4] 3.Kf5[+bPe5] MAe3[+wPg2] 4.Kf4[+bPf5] MAf1[+wPe3]#

Simple demonstration of Sentinelles.

Personal rating: D.

h#4 (1+1)
mao f3

Juraj Lörinc
2nd Prize 1st TT Variant Chess C 31.12.1997
Notes: 889 Sent: 191

a) 1...MOc4 2.RLa5 MOd2 3.RLb7 MOa8==

b) 1...MOf4 2.RLc7 MOe2 3.RLg7 MOh8==

c) 1...MOd5 2.RLb4 MOe7 3.RLg2 MOh1==

d) 1...MOf8 2.RLf2 MOd7 3.RLb2 MOa1==

Four corners echo. It is also nice, as judge Stephen Emmerson pointed, that twins are done in regular way and their symmetry (rectangle of 4 starting positions of RL) is in asymmetric way transformed into symmetry of final positions.

Personal rating: B.

h==2,5 (1+1)
moarider b6, rose lion e5
b) e5 -» h5
c) e5 -» e7
d) e5 -» h7

Juraj Lörinc
3rd HM 1st TT Variant Chess C 31.12.1997
Notes: 891 Sent: 192

a) 1.Ke5 Be6 2.Kf6 Bh3 3.Kg6 Bf5+ 4.Kh6 Bb1 5.Kg5 Be4 6.Kh4 Bh1 7.Kh5 Bf3#, 3...Bf1 4.Kg5 Ba6 5.Kg4 Be2+ 6.Kf4 Bb5 7.Kf5 Bd3#

b) 1.Kc3 Be6 2.Kc2 Bc4 3.Kb2 Bf1 4.Ka3 Bd3 5.Kb4 Bf5 6.Ka5 Be4 7.Ka4 Bc6#

One of rare problems in competition featuring antagonistic play, it means no helpproblem.

Personal rating: C.

s#7 (1+1)
Maximummer, Haaner chess
8x6 board
b) without files g, h (6x6 board)

Juraj Lörinc
Comm 1st TT Variant Chess C 31.12.1997
Notes: 905 Sent: 193

a) 1.rRf5(pb5)+ rSg6(pf4) 2.rRh5(pf5) rSe5(pg6) 3.rRh6(ph5) g7 4.rRh7(ph6) g8Q#

b) 1.rRe3(pe7)+ rSf4(pd3) 2.rRe5(pe3) rSe2(pf4) 3.rRd5(pe5) rSg3(pe2) 4.rRd4(pd5) rSf5(pg3)#

Simple play demonstrating combination Köko + Sentinelles.

Personal rating: D.

h#4 (1+1)
Köko, Sentinelles
1+1 royal pieces
b) turn 90 degrees right (a1 -» a8)

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