My works 170 - 174

Juraj Lörinc
3121 Phénix 73 - 1999
Notes: 755 Sent: 170

For definition of aim ## see explanation page.

1...rMa1 2.Mc3 Md3+ 3.Mb1 Ma3 4.Md4 Mb1 5.Md2+ Mc3##

1.Md4 rMb4 2.Ma2 Mc3 3.Ma3+ rMa1 4.Md4 Ma3 5.Mb4+ Mc4##

In fact my very first beidmatt problem. I sent it to Phénix in April 1996 and it was published after 3 years!!

Personal rating: C.

h##5* (3+3)
2+2 moose, 1+1 royal moose
4x4 board

Juraj Lörinc
2833 Phénix 62 - 1998
Comm Phénix 1998
Notes: 859 Sent: 171

Imitator moves are omitted - when replaying this one, don't forget to consider imitator moves too!

1.Qg4? zz Kd7 2.Rff6 etc. as in solution, 1...Ke6!
1.Qh4? zz Kd7 2.Rg5 K~ 3.Rff6 Kd8 4.Re6#, 1...Kc6!
1.Rff6! zz,
1...Kd7 2.Qg4 K~ 3.Re6 K~ 4.Qxf5#
1...Ke7 2.Qxf5! th. 3.Bd8 Kf8 4.Rg1#, 1...Ke8 3.Rg5 Ke7 4.Bd8#

Interested soul can find various letter themes in this #4, including change of continuation and Salazar, but the composition lacks strategy - it is only restricting of black moves.

To my surprise, judge John Rice included this problem in the award, commenting in a sense that changes after 1..Kd7 are awardable, but imitators are something like boring or schematical. Well, that's definitely true in this case!

Personal rating: C (upgraded from D).

#4 (5+6+1)
imitator d2

Juraj Lörinc
2745 Phénix 58 - 1997
Comm Phénix Directs Féeriques 1997
Notes: 861 Sent: 172

1...Rb1, Rc1 2.Sc6#, Sb5#
1.Qf1! th. 2.Qxh3#,
1...Rb1, Rc1 2.Sb5#, Sc6#
(1...d2 2.Qa6#)

Reciprocal change with patrol strategy: in set play we have masked halfpin a1-h8-a8 and relevant moves cause patrolling of moved rook by Rg1. Key abandons hlafpin, but closes g1-b1. Black error this time is simple, but defence motive is interesting: masked patrolling of Rg1 by moved rook on line b1-g1. This way 1st rank is used in both directions. Unfortunately, white grasshoppers are not used thematically, they serve only as constructional trick. Can anyone work out this one with orthodox pieces only, keeping the described strategy?

Personal rating: C.

#2* (8+12)
Patrol chess
4+0 grasshopper

Juraj Lörinc
4364 Sachova Skladba 58 - 1997
Notes: 720 Sent: 173

1.Kc6 nQxe3 2.Rc7 nQxe6#

1.Kc5 nQxe6 2.Bd5 nQxe3#

Simple neutral strategy.

Personal rating: C.

h#2 (1+9+4)
4 neutral pieces

Juraj Lörinc
4368 Sachova Skladba 58 - 1997
Notes: 837 Sent: 174

1...Sd2 2.Kd4+ Ke2 3.Mc2 Sb3 4.Mf3 Kd3#

1...Se5 2.Me2 Sd3 3.Mc3 Sb4 4.Mf4 Kd4#

1...Kf3 2.Mb3 Sd6 3.Ke5 Sc4 4.Mg4 Ke4#

Triple echo of known Köko checkmate reached by use of black moose. Of course, I did similar helpmate with material KS+KS, but this way I was able to get only normal echo in two phases. Here everything fits perfectly...

Personal rating: B.

h#3,5 (2+2)
moose f4

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