My works 129 - 133

Juraj Lörinc
2nd HM Memorial V. Miltner C 31.12.1995
Notes: 761 Sent: 129


1.Sb4 Sf8 (Sg5?) 2.Sa6 Se6#

1.Sf4 Sb8 (Sg5?) 2.Se6 Sa6#

This thematical tourney asked for any kind of compositions on vertical cylindric board. I began composing for it already in time when I used computer programs for checking all my compositions, so I became rather lazy. But I had no program for cylindric board in that time!

So I invented simple scheme (with low chance of cooks) incorporating nice cylindric effects, but, as judge Kjell Widlert rightly points, everything is rather schematical.

Personal rating: C.

h#2 (6+5)
Vertical cylindric board

Göran Wicklund
Juraj Lörinc

1st Comm Memorial V. Miltner C 31.12.1995
Notes: 762 Sent: 130

1.e3 Sa6 2.Qxa6 h5 3.Qxg8 Rh6 4.Qxa8 Rg6 5.Qxc8 Rxg2 6.Qg8 Rxg1 7.Qe2 Qg8 8.d3 Kd8 9.Kd2 Kc8 10.Kc3 Kb8 11.Kb4 Ka8 12.Ka5 Kh7 13.b4 Kg6 14.Bh4 Kf5 15.Kxh5 Qc4 16.Bb6 g6#

Strange composition. In its own time I asked people on Internet Retros List for helping me testing its correctness. A few people asked for details and one of them, Göran Wicklund, also found a cook in preliminary version. Next version were tested by him too and we decided to publish the composition as a join one. Very nice idea, I think. It is a question, whether it is or is not Göran's first opus...

As judge Kjell Widlert pointed, there is nothing especially surprising in identifying white pieces, nevertheless at least wQe2 is well placed. Main ideas are in black King's march out of cage and 11 moves through h-a line.

Personal rating: B.

Mate in 16th Black move on vertical cylindric board
Identify white pieces, proof game? (14+11)

Juraj Lörinc
12 Quartz 2/1996
Notes: 738 Sent: 131

1.Kh4 2.Ra1 3.Ra8 Kg4#

1.Kh5 2.Rb1 3.Rb8 Kg5#

1.Kh6 2.Rc1 3.Rc8 Kg6#

White Rex solus, total analogy in 3 solutions. Rather short...

Personal rating: C.

ser-h#3 (1+6)
3 solutions

Juraj Lörinc
61 Quartz 5/1997
Comm Quartz 1996-97
Notes: 739 Sent: 132

1.Sc3(w) Kh5 2.Qd1(w) Qd5 3.Sd1(w) Se2#
1...Kg7 2.Qd1(w) Qxd8 3.Ke5 Qf6#

1.Sd1(w) Sf2 2.Qc3(w) Qh3 3.Sc3(w) Sd3#
1...Kh5 2.Qc3(w) Qxc8 3.Kf3 Qg4#

White Rex solus, but only in diagram position. Then comes intensive use of magic squares. Unfortunately one of mates is not model and magic square e3 is a strong cookstopper. And to say truth, 1st and 3rd mates were originally only cooks, other two mates making perfect far echo.

Personal rating: B.

h#3 (1+7)
Magic squares c3, d1, e3

Juraj Lörinc
44 Quartz 4/1997
Prize Quartz 1996-97
Notes: 790 Sent: 133

a) 1.Kc4(pd4) Kc1(pd2) 2.Kd3(pc4) Kb2 3.Kxd2(pe8Q)(pd3) Qe1#

b) 1.Kd6(pd5) Kd4(pd3) 2.Kd7(pd6) Kxd5(pe1S)(pd4) 3.Sxd3(pg8Q) Qd8#

c) 1.Kd7(pd6) Ke4(pd4) 2.d5+ Kxd5(pe1R)(pe4) 3.Rxe4(pa8Q) Qd8#

d) 1.Ke5(pe4) Ke3(pe2) 2.Ke6(pe5) Kxe4(pe1Q)(pe3) 3.Qxe2(pd8Q) Qe7#

Lucky find. Sentry chess is probably the most popular fairy condition for double-king problems. Here you can see 4 mates by white Queen...

Personal rating: B.

h#3 (1+1)
Sentry chess, Couscous Circe
b) everything 1 row up
c) everything 2 rows up
d) everything 1 file right

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