My works 112 - 116

Juraj Lörinc
dedicated to Ludo Lehen
3rd-4th Prize Lehen 70 C 31.12.1995
Notes: 763 Sent: 112

1.CAd3? A th. 2.RLh6# B
1...f5 a 2.LIh8# C
1...MAd5 b 2.MAxd5(MAd1)# D
1...MAxd3(CAd8) c 2.RLh8# E

1.MAd5! D th. 2.LIh8# C
1...f5 a 2.RLh6# B
1...MAxd5(MAd8) b 2.RLh8# E
1...MAd3 c 2.CAxd3(MAd1)# A

As far as I know the first synthesis of two known formal themes in 2 phases: Le Grand (reciprocal threat paradox) - threat 2.B, 1...a 2.C, threat 2.C, 1...a 2.B - and Kiss theme (cyclic change of key and two mates - 1.A, 1...b, c 2.D, E, 1.D 1...b, c 2.E, A. Rich and true fairy motivation, I especially like antibattery mates over reborn black mao. I was a bit disappointed with "only" 3rd-4th Prize, but the quality of tourney (it asked for #2 with fairy pieces and/or Madrasi and/or Circe) was extremely high. Other prizewinners (Brabec, Gvozdjak, Aschwanden, Kotesovec, Dragoun) are all very good composers and their works were really good too.

Personal rating: A.

#2 (12+11)
1+0 lion, 4+1 rook lion, 0+3 bishop lion
2+0 camel, 2+2 mao

Michal Dragoun
Juraj Lörinc

991 Suomen Tehtäväniekat 2/1996
Notes: 770 Sent: 113

1.Bc6! zz
1...Rxc3 2.Bd5 Sa2(Kc4)#
1...Rxd4 2.Bb4 Sb3(Kd5)#
1...Rg3 2.f5 Se2(Kg4)#
1...Rd2, Re3 2.Rf3 Re2(Ke3)#
1...Rd1, Rf3 2.Rh2 Rxf1(Kh1)#
1...Rh3 2.Rg1 Rxh4(Kh1)#

4 echoed model mates and 2 further corner echo mates in an unexpected zugzwang position. I had the scheme with 3 echoed model mates (Kc4, Kd5, Kg4) and Michal added 4th as well as unified by-play with corner mates. Nice presentation of Republican chess, isn't it?

Personal rating: A.

sermi-r#2 (13+2)
Republican chess

Juraj Lörinc
3rd Comm Springaren Christmas Tourney C 1.3.1996
Notes: 776 Sent: 114

1.e4+? Kxe4 (dxe4) 2.c3 Bxb1#, but 1...dxe3 e.p.!
1.Sb2! zz Bb6 2.a8S! Bc5 (Ba7) 3.Sb6! ~ 4.e4+ Kxe4 (dxe4) 5.c3 Bxb1#

Theme of tourney was making e.p.-capture impossible. In this reflex mate the logic is clear, but position is very heavy and there are no complications during play.

Personal rating: D.

r#5 (11+9)
Patrol chess

Juraj Lörinc
3033 Probleemblad 4/1996
2nd Prize Probleemblad 1996
Notes: 777 Sent: 115

1.CAdxg7? A threats 2.CAed6#
1...CAa6 a 2.CAexh4# B
1...GIa6 b 2.GIxh7# C
1...Sa6 c 2.Sxc6# D

1.CAexh4! B threats 2.CAhxg7#
1...CAa6 a 2.GIxh7# C
1...GIa6 b 2.Sxc6# D
1...Sa6 c 2.CAdxg7# A

4-fold Kiss theme - 1.A 1...a, b, c 2.B, C, D, 1.B 1...a, b, c 2.C, D, A - is here worked out with unifying elements: in try mates the same type of piece as defends, in solution cycle of defending and mating piece, defences on the same square. This everything in consequent patrol chess mechanism that nicely uses power of grasshoppers. Probably my very best work (written in Jan 1999).

Personal rating: A.

Yeah, I got 2nd Prize! Only Venelin Alaikov with his fairy Babson and a half has beaten me, Petko Petkov, Alexandr Postnikov, Michel Caillaud and Hubert Gockel beeing behind me! It makes me happy!

#2 (12+14)
Patrol chess
2+1 grasshopper, 3+2 camels, 1+1 giraffe

Juraj Lörinc
2910 Phénix 65 1998
Notes: 774 Sent: 116

a) 1.rSc8! Ge3 2.rSb6 Ga7 3.rSc4 Gc3 4.rSe5+ Kxe4 5.rSc6 Gc7 6.rSe5 Gf4+ 7.rSd3 Ge2+ 8.rSxf4 Ge5+ 9.rSd3 Ge3#

b) 1.rSg3! Gh2+ 2.rSf5 Gg5 3.rSe7 Gd8 4.rSd5 Gd4 5.rSf6 Gg7 6.rSg4 Gh3+ 7.rSf6 Ge3 8.e5 Gd6 9.rSd7 Gd4#

Simple presentation of possibilities of combining two strange fairy conditions: Köko and Maximummer.

Personal rating: D.

s#9 (2+4)
Köko, Maximummer
0+3 grasshopper, royal knight e7
b) e7 -» e2

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