My works 105 - 111

All these problems I composed for one thematical tourney, Norbert Geissler's "37" Special Tourney. It asked for compositionns showing in any manner number 37. I decided to explore possibilities of 3x7 board. I suceeded only in quantity, not in quality.
Juraj Lörinc
NG88 Problemkiste 109/1997
Notes: 748 Sent: 105

1...MOa7-c6 2.Kb2-c1 MOc6-b4 3.Ma6-b2 Ma3-c4 4.Ma1-c2 MOb4-a2#

1...Ma3-b7 2.Kb2-b3 Mb7-a2 3.Kb3-c4 MOa7-b5 4.Ma1-b3 MOb5-a3#

Model mates.

Personal rating: D.

h#3,5 (2+4)
1+0 moa, 1+3 mooses, board 3x7

Juraj Lörinc
10th place, Norbert Geissler's "37" Special Tourney
C 25.12.1995
Notes: 749 Sent: 106

1.Kb6 2.KAa6 3.Ka7 4.Rb7 Bxa4#

1.Ka2 2.KAb2 3.Kb1 4.Ra1 Bxb4#

A joke. It seems like we have very far colour echo, but it is caused by very strange geometry of Möbius strip. In fact there are only 2 fully symmetrical solutions.

Personal rating: C.

ser-h#4 (1+5)
0+1 kangaroo
Möbius strip board 3x7
(columns a-c joined with flip)
2 solutions

Juraj Lörinc
NG85 Problemkiste 109/1997
Notes: 750 Sent: 107

1.Kc5-b6 EAb1-c6 2.EAc3-a2 EAc6-b5 3.Kb6-a7 Ma3-b1 4.EAa2-b6 EAb5-c6#

1.Kc5-b4 Ma3-b7 2.EAc3-a3 EAb1-c4 3.Kb4-a4 Mb7-a5 4.Ma6-b4 Ma5-b3#

Personal rating: D.

h#4 (2+3)
mooses a3, a6, eagles b1, c3, board 3x7

Juraj Lörinc
36th place, Norbert Geissler's "37" Special Tourney
C 25.12.1995
Notes: 751 Sent: 108

a) 1.Kb7-c7 Ma1-b5 2.Sa4-b2 Mb5-c1 3.Kc7-c6 Mc1-a2 4.Sb2-c4 Ma2-c5 5.Sc4-b6 Mc5-a6==

b) 1.Sa4-c5 Mc4-b6 2.Sc5-b3 Mb6-a2 3.Kb7-c6 Ma2-c3 4.Sb3-a5 Mc3-a6 5.Kc6-c7 Ma6-b4 ==

c) 1.Ra4-a6 Mc4-a7 2.Ra6-b6 Ma7-c6 3.Rb6-b5 Mc6-a5 4.Rb5-b4 Ma5-b3 5.Kb7-c7 Mb3-c5 ==

d) 1.Kb7-b6 Mb4-c7 2.Ra4-a3 Mc7-a6 3.Ra3-c3 Ma6-c5 4.Kb6-a7 Mc5-b2 5.Rc3-b3 Mb2-c4 ==

As Norbert Geissler pointed in his judgement, double stalemate in Haaner chess is nothing particularly surprising. But 4 phases are not bad.

Personal rating: C.

h==5 (1+2)
1+0 moose
Haaner chess, board 3x7
b) a1 -» c4
c) = b) + add bra4
d) = c) + c4 -» b4

Juraj Lörinc
18th place, Norbert Geissler's "37" Special Tourney
C 25.12.1995
Notes: 752 Sent: 109

a) 1.Kb6-c6 Ma6-b2 2.Kc6-b5 Ma3-c2 + 3.Kb5-b4 Mc2-a1 4.Kb4-c5 Ma1-b3 #

b) 1.Kb6-c7 Mc1-b5 2.Kc7-b7 Mc4-a5 3.Kb7-a7 Ma5-c6 4.Ka7-a6 Mc6-b4 #

c) 1.Kb6-a5 Ma6-c3 2.Ka5-b4 Mc3-b5 3.Kb4-b3 Mc4-b2 4.Kb3-a4 Mb5-a3 #

Nice cooperation between mooses and king. Moose is one very sophisticated piece...

Personal rating: C.

h#4 (3+1)
3+0 mooses
Haaner chess, board 3x7
b) a6 -» c1
c) a3 -» b1

Juraj Lörinc
17th place, Norbert Geissler's "37" Special Tourney
C 25.12.1995
Notes: 753 Sent: 110

1...Kc1-c2[Ib4] 2.Sc3-b5[Ia6] Kc2-c1[Ia5] 3.Sa4-c5[Ic6] Kc1-b1[Ib6] 4.Sc5-b3[Ia4] Kb1-b2[Ia5] z

threats 2.Sc7-a6[Ia4] Kc1-c2[Ia5] 3.Sa6-c5[Ic4] Kc2-b2[Ib4] z
1...Kc1-c2[Ic6] 2.Sc3-a4[Ia7] Kc2-c1[Ia6] 3.Sb6-c4[Ib4] Kc1-c2[Ib5] 4.Sc7-b5[Ia3] Kc2-c1[Ia2] 5.Sa4-c5[Ic3] Kc1-b1[Ib3] 6.Sc4-b6[Ia5] Kb1-b2[Ia6] z

Strange stipulation - how to force bK to move to b2?? Knights must play very precisely...

Personal rating: C.

s[b2]6(*) (3+1+1)
imitator b3, board 3x7

Juraj Lörinc
33rd place, Norbert Geissler's "37" Special Tourney
C 25.12.1995
Notes: 754 Sent: 111

a) 1.Kc5-c6[Ib3] a2-a3[Ib4] 2.Kc6-b6[Ia4] Sa5-c6[Ic5] 3.Kb6-a7[Ib6] a3-a4[Ib7] 4.Ka7-a6[Ib6] a4*b5[Ic7] ==

b) 1.Kc5-b4[Ib3] Sa1-b3[Ic5] 2.Kb4*b3[Ic4] Sc3*b5[Ib6] + 3.Kb3-a3[Ia6] Sa5-c4[Ic5] + 4.Ka3-a4[Ic6] a2-a3[Ic7] ==

Double stalemate under these conditions must be finished by irreversible move by pawn, this makes humble pa2 very important.

Personal rating: C.

h==4 (4+2+1)
board 3x7
imitator b2

b) b2 -» c4

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