Locust-specific batteries 4

This is the fourth (and probably the last) special example file for the 22nd TT CCM C 11.11.2007. It should serve as a final wake up call - the deadline is near, send your entries in! Before that however you can study the following quintet of thematical problems.
Barry P. Barnes
3rd Prize Ramsgate 1988

1.Kf6! th. 2.Lxe4-e5#
1...Lxd4-e5+ 2.Rg7#
1...Lxc5-c6+ 2.Rg6#
1...Lxd2-e1 2.Rg3#
1...Lxe3-f3 2.Bd6#

Locust-typical battery cannot be activated immediately as black locust guards the white locust. In the check variantions (provoked by the key) white rook pins itself behind white king.

#2 (7+5)
1+1 locust

Chris J. Feather
F0514 StrateGems 29 - I 2005

1.Se4 Lxe4-d4+ 2.Kc5 Lxd7-d8#

1.Se5 Lxe5-d6+ 2.Kc6 Lxd2-d1#

1.Sc5 Lxc5-d4+ 2.Ke4 Lxd2-d1#

1.Bc6 Lxc6-d6+ 2.Ke5 Lxd7-d8#

Four variations with unified strategy: meat for locust, check allowing the move of bK between two locusts and battery mate. Black king is mated on 4 different squares.

h#2 (4+7)
2+0 locust

Michel Caillaud
1st Comm H. Fougiaxis 40 JT 2006

1.Ge4 Gc6+ 2.Qc3 Gd1#

1.Gc4 Gg6+ 2.Rd3 Ga1#

Orthogonal-diagonal transformation of the strategy involving firing both batteries by different moves. In the final positions the black pieces serving as a hurdles for mating move are repelled from the square of battery opening.

h#2 (5+9)
2+1 grasshopper, 2+0 locust

Chris J. Feather
9, Broodings 18 - V 2004

1.Lxg4-g5(g2) Bd3 2.Lxd3-d4(Bf1) Be2#

1.Lxg4-h5 Bxc4(c7)+ 2.Sxc4(Bf1) Bd3#

1.Sb5 Be2 2.Lxe2-f3(Bf1) Bxc4(c7)#

Cycle of white moves by one bishop that is reborn in all solutions. Although the strategy is not entirely unified, the final impression is good. I especially like the need for the white bishop to find the safe harbour, preventing the parrying the check by further rebirth.

h#2 (4+6)
Circe, 1+2 locust

Yoshikazu Ueda
F247 Problem Paradise 33- 2005

1.a1RL 2.RLa8 3.RLe8 NExf8#

1.a1KA 2.KAh8 3.KAc8 NEb8#

1.a1NE 2.NEe5 3.Exc7 NEb6#

1.a1Q 2.Qa2 3.Qf7 NEh8#

1.a1R 2.Rf1 3.Rf4 NEh2#

1.a1B 2.Bxc3 3.Bf6 NEh4#

1.a1S 2.Sb3 3.Sc5 NEb4#

Typical for Ueda - multiplication of an idea based on promotions. Here the final aim is to allow battery jump of nonstop equihopper that would guard Ld8.

ser-h#3 (6+7)
nonstop equihopper d6, locust d8
rook lion c7, kangaroo c6

Comments to Juraj Lörinc.
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