League of Macedonian Problemists 2000

Each composer may participate with up to three problems in each round. Ten problems will be awarded points as follows: 1st Place - 12 pts, 2nd Pl. - 10 pts, 3rd Pl. - 9 pts, ...10th Pl. - 2 pts, a correct problem - 1 point (provided that its composer does not have an honoured problem in the award in question). If a composer has another honoured problem in a certain award, only his/her highest placed entry will score. The final ranking will be based on the sum of points from all four rounds.

Entries by 30th December 2000 to Petre Stojoski, "Sava Mihajlov - 8" br. 9, Skopje MK - 1000, Macedonia.

Judge: Udo Degener
The white key pins a black piece and unpins another black piece. Example.

Judge: Miodrag MladenoviŠ
A sacrifice of rear battery piece, which leaves the white battery. Example.

Judge: Chris J. Feather
In 2-n solutions (no twinning, no duplex, no other forms) the same arrival square is used for Black's first moves and in each solution the same arrival square is used for White's mating moves. The two thematic squares (one for White and one for Black) must be different. [Note: In the case of castling the thematic arrival square should be considered to be that of the rook, not the king]. Example.

Judge: Uri Avner
Black correction play of any kind. General form: a Black move X makes an error A without providing any correction to this error; another Black move Y makes the same error A, but also provides a correction to this error. Possible types of corrections: 1. Random move and correction move or moves by the same piece; 2. Arrival correction, bringing a different piece or pieces to the same square or line; 3. Any other type. Example.

Gerhard Latzel
Jung Roland 1930

1.Qe7! th. 2.Rf4#
1...Qxa1 2.Sf5#
1...Qd1 2.Sxd1#

#2 (9+8)

Miodrag Mladenovic
3rd Prize Mat 1982

1.Ra1! zz,
1...bxa1S 2.Qc1,
1...bxa1Q 2.Qxb3,
1...e1S, e1Q 2.Qxe4, Qd3

#3 (10+10)

Arpad Molnar
Die Schwalbe 1999

1.Sfxe6+ Kb7 2.Sf4 S8c7#

1.Sgxe6+ Kd6 2.Sg7 S6c7#

h#2 (6+6)

Viktor Chepizhny
diagrammes 1999

1.Bf2! th. 2.Sbc5+
1...R~ 2.Qe5+ Sxe5#
1..Re2! 2.Sxb4+ Rc2#

s#2 (9+11)

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