Announcement of Tivadar Kardos Memorial Tourney.

Probably majority of CCM readers know the name of Tivadar Kardos. He was a Hungarian composer and he died last year. He worked in his life on several genres, but in the last years mostly on H#-moremovers and Serie-H#s. That's why...

Hungarian Comittee of Chess Composition announced formal competition for original chess compositions.

Authors are asked to send their series helpmates in 5-8 moves (ser-h#5-8) to the following adress:

Molnar A. Jozsef
Frankel Leo u. 20.
H-1027 Budapest

Judge: Laszlo Anyos.
Closing date: 31.12.1999.
Prize fund: 10000 HUF (cca 40 USD).

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