Jornal de Solucionismo TT C 31.12.2002 - announcement

I received following message from Luis Flavio Soares Nunes:

We would like to invite you to take part on this tourney in Brazil, supported by JdS - Jornal do Solucionismo. The competition is open to all composers, brazilian and foreign. The composers can send up to 3 problems direct in 2 moves (#2), individually or in partnership, problems classic or moderns, till 31st of December 2002 (prolonged time available!).

Judge: Efren Petite (Spain)

The problems should be sent to the director of the tourney:
Gil Cleber Duarte Carvalho
Rua Alcantara Gomes 218
Parque Barcelos
Paty do Alferes - RJ
26950-000 BRAZIL

Theme: Each checkmate variant should correspond to the defense strategy.

Example follows.

Gil Cleber
Example for JdS TT C 31.12.2002

1.Bc3! th. 2.Sc7#
1...Bh3 2.Sxf6# (Defense & mate by pinning)
1...Rxc3 2.Sxc3# (Defense & mate by capture)
1...cxb5 2.Rxb5# (Defense & mate by line opening)


#2 (10+9)

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