ISC 2008 Christmas Tourney C 20.1.2008

Initiated by Michel Caillaud, a Christmas tourney is organized in parallel to the International Solving Contest 2008. The theme chosen by the judges is a fairy condition, created by Frederick H. Von Meyenfeldt:

ELLIUORTAP (or Lortap Chess or Antipatrol Chess): A piece can capture only if it is not observed (by a piece of its side).


Other fairy conditions and pieces are accepted.

The Elliuortap fairy condition cannot be tested with Popeye, but is implemented in WinchloÚ. The controller is a happy user of WinchloÚ, and the composers are welcome to send their problems to him for testing.

Send entries to the controller: Guy Sobrecasesá-

Section 1: Any problems but Retro and Proof-games. Judge: Jacques Rotenberg
Section 2: Retro problems and Proof-games. Judge Eric Pichouron.

Closing dateá: January 20th, 2008.

The awards will be announced at the end of the ISC, on January 27th, 2008.
Frederick H. von Meyenfeldt
Probleemblad 1989

1...S~ 2.Kc4#

1.Se5! blocus
1...Sxc2 2.Kc5# (2.Sc3+ Sxe3#)
1...Sb3 2.Sc3# (2.Kc5??)
1...fxe5 2.Kc4#
1...Kxe5 2.Bd4#
1...h5 2.Sf3#

In the set play, any move of Sa1 observes bK and thus wK can mate by direct contact.

The key provides a flight and observes c4 and d3, therefore 1...Sxc2 and 1...Sb3 introduce mates from c5 and e3 with dual avoidance. 1...fxe5 transfers the set mate, 1...Kxe5 allows Umnov mate and 1...h3 unguards f3.

Antipatrol chess seems to allow even more complicated strategy...

#2 (8+7)
Antipatrol chess

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